Monday, July 1, 2013


I forgot how bad I hate moving.  I also forgot how disorganized I am.  Sheesh.  I have spent way too much time the last four years in school, and not nearly enough time organizing all 5 people in my home, and, of course, all of the things we maintain.

We are in and going though, so i guess life is good... :)  Just project time, which is kind of exciting, honestly...

Being a short sale we had a couple projects that needed done... the seller typically does it, but they didn't have any money, I guess that's why they were short-selling...  :) 

This shed outside had to be painted or sided before we could close... so we got out there and got painting.  It took a good solid day, and a little of the next. Amelia was so upset all day, finally had a fever that night, and she had an ear infection.  Poor little girl.  I felt so bad for her. 

This is our new house:

The deck had to have the "peeling paint mitigated."  Blake was so kind to come over and belt sand the better part of it.  It is so nice now that it is over... but it leaves another massive project before winter hits... we need to refinish it.  

We are going to miss doing this in our old yard:

 But I am sure we will find adequate room to do it on the acre we are moving to...

Presley found my veil at Grandma's... it's been there since we moved into our last house: 

 Love this little turkey butt.  She LOVES being the bride and she "Can't wait to get married!" Goofball.  :) 

Friday, June 7, 2013

My crazy life...

In love :)

Look at that butterball! Holy cow, am I proud of those chunkies! Seriously!  I grew her from literally nothing to birth... and then breastfed her to a massive chunky babe!  I worked hard for that fat little babe.  She is by far the most beautiful baby I have seen since my last two! And working post-partum/nursery, I see a lot of beautiful babes....  :)

So sweet

We finally went and visited the museum of Idaho for their carousel exhibit... I t was the last day... now or never.  We really enjoy going to the exhibits there... and I think we have made it to all of the last close to ten.  They really bring in a lot of fun things... next is guitars, so we will have to make it to that one.

Mimi and Papa came with us to the museum.  Obviously Mimi has the magic touch with Amelia:

Oliver (our elf on the shelf) made a sneak appearance.  We are packing up all of our crap (oh yeah, did I mention we got APPROVAL for buying our short-sale?!  Yay for us!) and in packing, my dearest Cash found Oliver in the basement, and told me the tooth fairy must have dropped him off.  (yes my child lost his first tooth! So sad!)  So Oliver stayed for a week, and then he went back home to the North Pole.  Cash misses him immensely, and tells me that every day.
The "rules" and pictures he drew of oliver.  He is worried someone is going to do something crazy like touch him, and make him lose his power. 

My washer was on the fritz for a minute, so Sarah and I ran to the laundromat together.  That was a good time! :) haha... Crazy girls... All of the kids had way too much fun together. 


I am a teeny bit sad to be leaving this home.  It has been ours for quite some time, and we have been so blessed here.  I am mostly sad to leave the baby room... my pride and joy.  I have spent thousands of countless hours in that room loving and rocking my babies... not to mention the countless hours i spent painting that room when i was massively pregnant with Cash... I was so excited to bring each baby home to that room.  I am struggling with this a little bit, but I also know that we will be blessed in our new home, as well. 

We went to the princess and pirates party a Chik-Fil-A the other day.  Super cute, and really fun for the children.  I loved the way they were dressed, and the face-paint lady was amazing! seriously!

So after spending the night with these glamorous paint jobs, my kids decided that they wanted to paint their own faces the day after...  We ended up with this:

So while they look cute and fine the following happened to us at McDonald's on the west-side of IF:

So, being the terrible mother that I am, I allowed my kids to leave the house in their self done face paint today. We went to McDonalds so I could use the internet and do some homework. After a while cash comes and tells me that this polka-dot with a John Lennon haircut, excuse of a "woman" had said to her husband ..."that mother needs to wash her damn kids." I WAS FURIOUS! Never had my bloodboiled instantaneously like it did in that moment. I was so mad, I couldn't focus, so I packed up my crap and went to tell my kids to get their shoes on. I said to her "I need to wash my damn kids, huh? Maybe you need to get on a damn treadmill! Bullying little children? That's classy."
She, not her husband, would even look at me. I went and got their shoes on, then on my way out said "they are little kids, and they painted their faces today, for fun, because it's summer. What's the big damn deal?" Still no response. Apparently it's easier to call someone out on their parenting skills when they aren't standing right there, but when confronted she had nothing to say to my face. Classy. Not my finest moment, but I will be damned before I let someone talk to my kids that way, or question my mothering.

For the record, once we got into the car, I explained to my kids that that was not the best way to handle it, but to never ever let someone talk to them badly, and that it is okay to say something to them.  I was super rude, but that woman had it coming to her.  Maybe next time she will at least think twice before opening her big fat mouth.  But probably not. 

My boy is one of the great sunshines of my life.  IDK what I would do without him.  (And maybe even mickey too! :) haha!)

My baby girl got her first tooth!  She has been a bear for the last week, or week and a half, and now she is sprouting teeth!  No wonder she was so angry!

We are goofballs.  What can I say?  I love to lay on the front lawn of this house.  I have no idea what we are going to do when we move away from here!  It will be so strange. Presley doesn't totally get it, but Cash has expressed some fear.  I think mostly because he hasn't ever done it before. I am sure we will love the new house though, because we will have more space.  It will be lovely! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dance recital!

 My baby girl doing dress rehearsal!  This was a crazy, hilarious, chaotic, wild day.  We got this girl all decked out, and picked up Cash at school, and ran to Rexburg for dress rehearsal last Wednesday.  As soon as she was all pretty (fake eyelashes and all) she said "Cash is going to say I am pretty." I thought this was precious.. and couldn't help but think to myself "well, he is his father's son, so I guess we will see if he even notices..."

We get Cashie at school (his second to last day of school) and he hops in the van, walks to his seat, and says "Oh, Pres, you look really pretty!"  (I could have died right then... LOVE my babies!)
She then says to Cash "My eyelashes are really long! And they are not real."  (I guess we have to work on our lady secrets. )

She then peeled one of the lashes off on the way to Rexburg, and lost it in the car.  I didn't have time for that, and I kind of freaked out.  We had to put on different lashes when we got there, and didn't have time.  Poor girl.  I repented of my bad ways, and cleaned it up for the night of recital.  I did good making a mental choice to be good with her, and my choice of words. I love her so much, so who cares about fake lashes anyway? :)
 I love that they look like little pink, cream-puffed clouds.  Seriously, SO precious costume! They danced to "No more I love you's" by Annie Lennox
 Pres was front and center.  Lindsey is a phenomenal teacher, and these girls just love her.  She is amazing, we totally love her. :)
My Olive in her tap costume.  She has become quite the little dancer already.  Can't wait to see how she does.  This is also Presley's other costume. She is so gorgeous, I can't stand it. They danced to Garth Brooks, wrapped up in you. 

The night of recital:

 We went and got ready in Sarah's trailer.  They are living in their camper right now until they build again.  The girls looked super gorgeous, and it was fun to have bonding time with these precious babies.  I loved this pic more than words, and shows some of their beauty:
 The "waiting room" for our girls.  They watched a princess movie, and they were supposed to have helpers back stage to assist the girls in getting dressed between numbers. This was nice so the mom's could sit and relax and watch the show. I loved being able to enjoy all of the dances, and see my sweet girls.

 Presley was so pretty on stage. She looked like a little dolly. I love her little voice, and her special spirit.  She knew the dances, and she did her best to do them on stage. She was so fun to see.  Lindsey was excited to see that Presley remembered the steps before she got to them. She knew the dances better than she thought she would. The girls all did great, and I am excited to see how they do next year. Pretty little babies.

 I tried to get a pic of this... but it's blurry. Lindsey took each of her classes on stage one at a time (at the end) to have them bow for the audience.  This class went up to bow, and somehow Presley just walked right up, and in front of them all.  She obviously loved the stage, and I had to laugh.  She just wanted to be in front of the crowd! I just said "Wow, that's my kid, everyone! She's made for the stage!" haha, because people were laughing and saying how cute she was.  I am a proud mama, for sure! :)

 Next it was her classes turn, and she walked out in front of them all, looking for me. I waved at her, and she sweetly waved back.  She was so cute up there. 

 The girls.  Gabby had to have a moment to shine, as well:

Each of these girls are so precious.   Livi is such a poser! Makes me laugh, for sure.  She is SO much like Sarah, and acts just like Sarah did.  So girlie in her movements, and grace.  So pretty little girlie girl. Presley is more like me. Let's just say, she has a pretty smile, and she is sweet. :)

 Miss Lindsey.  She is, for sure, Presley's idol right now.  "Is it my dance teachah?" She LOVES her.  SO grateful for her talent, and for her inspiring my daughter in developing a new talent.

I am SO proud of my Presley-girl. I can't believe how grown up she is, and how much she has learned and changed.  She is signed up for Preschool next year, which I am excited for.  She has enjoyed dance, and doesn't want it to be over.  I want to put her in the parade on the float next month, and put her in Miss Lindsey's dance day camp this summer.  She has some things to look forward to.  I am excited to see her grow up, and I am so grateful for her special little spirit in my life. I love her voice. She doesn't pronounce her 'r' sounds well yet, so everything has an accent. But her voice is so high, and pretty quiet.  She is so girly, and always wants her nails painted.  I lvoe this about her.  She loves make-up, and enjoyed getting dressed up for recital.  She didn't like the lashes at first. but the night of recital, they kind of grew on her.  I peeled them off of her after she was asleep, and the next morning she woke up and said "Where's my lashes? I wanted to wear them today!"  Super cute! She also likes her hair in a braid ponytail:
She is precious, and gorgeous, and amazing.  

This is why I am a lucky mommy! :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

My dear boy graduated from Kindergarten last friday.  

I feel so happy and so sad, all at once!  :) 

 I am so proud of him, and for all of his hard work this year.  He is reading, and doing a really great job.  He loves science, and he is good at adding.  I am amazed by the things he thinks about and knows.  He really is a smart little stinker.  He LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Zinzer (pictured in the bottom middle). He told me that she is 31. (Pretty sure she isn't...) He also tells me that she was in a car accident, which is why she uses a cane.    He keeps telling me that he doesn't want to leave her class.  But he has been telling me lately that it's okay, and he can still go visit her.  Since we are in the process of moving, we will be going to a different school next year.  I hope he is okay with that.  He LOVES Mrs. Lords as well (bottom right picture) She told me one day when I was in his class (assisting his classmates) that she just loves Cash, and sometimes thinks she would like to take him home to be her little boy :) -- I told here there were days I would let her!  haha.  She is a neat lady, and has definitely inspired my sweet son to learn and grow. Grateful for these wonderful women in his life, and for his class full of friends.

Cash is funny, he won't kiss me hardly ever anymore, he always lets me kiss him on the cheek though.  He is usually fantastic about letting me have hugs whenever I want.  Love that.  He frequently tells me stories about the kids at school, and when I ask him what he learned he always says "I don't know! Geez mom, I always forget!"  haha... He has a sweet little soul, and loves his sisters so.  They would be lost without that big brother to show them the way.  He is always watching out for them, but occasionally frustrated by them and the way they act.  haha.  Millie looks at him with the sweetest expressions, she just LOVES him.  She loves Presley too, it's so fun to watch her light up when they come around.  They like to get right in her face, and I think it drives her a little crazy.  Poor girl, haha.  But she loves them none-the-less.  Presley told Cash today "I want to do whatever you want to do." She is so good to just love him, and play so sweet with him.  They truly are the best of friends, and would be lost without each other.  I love all three of them SO much, it hurts.

"Daer mom, this is your mathers day peresint to show you 

thet I love you." 

I was glad to see he picked that flower out of our own yard this time, and not Mrs. Fish's.  :) 

By the time mother's day came last week, I had 4 tulips in that cup, and my beautiful children had given me all of them.  Presley even gave me a few dandelions as well.  Most gorgeous flowers I have ever received.  I have some phenomenal children, that's for sure. 

I always tell the kids I am the luckiest mommy ever.  When I ask them why I am the luckiest mommy ever, they will say "because you have me."  They know I love them more than anything. 

I am excited to see him progress.  He is a sweet, sweet spirit, and I cannot imagine my life without him in it.  Cashie, your mommy loves you so stinkin' much! :) 

All About Amelia... (Almost...)

My sweet precious baby is growing so stinking fast!  It might be killing me...  :)

I love this baby more than words!


She is beautiful.  Gorgeous blue-ish eyes.  I wonder if they will stay so blue, they have a brown ring around the center... makes me wonder if they will be hazel like Cash's...

 LOVE LOVE LOVE these headbands from target.  Girlie girlie!  And she got this cute outfit from Gymboree from Grandma Teresa.  She is always dressed so beautiful!  :)

Love this squishy face.  For real.  She is so darn sweet, I just want to eat her up!  :)  She still has no teeth, so she does this all the time with her little mouth.  Love her s'much!

Uncle Rob in all his glory! :) 

Sweet PJ came and snuggled up to her dad (sleeping off a night shift mid-day) and napped with him.  She loves her daddy.  Love her sweetness.

Easter dress... so stinkin' cute! LOVE those thighs.  Pretty proud of them. I grew those myself... 

Wants to be big like the big girls. 

Cash had a friend from school come play.  Also named Amelia.  I have mixed feelings for sure, but this girl is adorable. 

  First trip to community care.  she had nurse maids elbow.  Something Cash has had a couple times.  It's a lot more freaky to me in a tiny babe though... yikes!  We got her fixed right up, though. Love her!
 Cutest big brother ever.  He helps her so much, all the time.  Love him!
 Cutest bum bum, ever!

 Dance picture day.  Love this little pink cloud of darling precious girls! 

These girls are so dang gorgeous.  Presley's face makes me laugh!  Love her so dang much.

My baby is the sweetest.

 Salt dough party 

 mmmm mmmm good!
 My sweet babies!
Sweet baby hands.  

Gosh I love this baby. She is the sweetest thing on the planet!  I am a lucky mommy, for sure!  ;)