Friday, June 7, 2013

My crazy life...

In love :)

Look at that butterball! Holy cow, am I proud of those chunkies! Seriously!  I grew her from literally nothing to birth... and then breastfed her to a massive chunky babe!  I worked hard for that fat little babe.  She is by far the most beautiful baby I have seen since my last two! And working post-partum/nursery, I see a lot of beautiful babes....  :)

So sweet

We finally went and visited the museum of Idaho for their carousel exhibit... I t was the last day... now or never.  We really enjoy going to the exhibits there... and I think we have made it to all of the last close to ten.  They really bring in a lot of fun things... next is guitars, so we will have to make it to that one.

Mimi and Papa came with us to the museum.  Obviously Mimi has the magic touch with Amelia:

Oliver (our elf on the shelf) made a sneak appearance.  We are packing up all of our crap (oh yeah, did I mention we got APPROVAL for buying our short-sale?!  Yay for us!) and in packing, my dearest Cash found Oliver in the basement, and told me the tooth fairy must have dropped him off.  (yes my child lost his first tooth! So sad!)  So Oliver stayed for a week, and then he went back home to the North Pole.  Cash misses him immensely, and tells me that every day.
The "rules" and pictures he drew of oliver.  He is worried someone is going to do something crazy like touch him, and make him lose his power. 

My washer was on the fritz for a minute, so Sarah and I ran to the laundromat together.  That was a good time! :) haha... Crazy girls... All of the kids had way too much fun together. 


I am a teeny bit sad to be leaving this home.  It has been ours for quite some time, and we have been so blessed here.  I am mostly sad to leave the baby room... my pride and joy.  I have spent thousands of countless hours in that room loving and rocking my babies... not to mention the countless hours i spent painting that room when i was massively pregnant with Cash... I was so excited to bring each baby home to that room.  I am struggling with this a little bit, but I also know that we will be blessed in our new home, as well. 

We went to the princess and pirates party a Chik-Fil-A the other day.  Super cute, and really fun for the children.  I loved the way they were dressed, and the face-paint lady was amazing! seriously!

So after spending the night with these glamorous paint jobs, my kids decided that they wanted to paint their own faces the day after...  We ended up with this:

So while they look cute and fine the following happened to us at McDonald's on the west-side of IF:

So, being the terrible mother that I am, I allowed my kids to leave the house in their self done face paint today. We went to McDonalds so I could use the internet and do some homework. After a while cash comes and tells me that this polka-dot with a John Lennon haircut, excuse of a "woman" had said to her husband ..."that mother needs to wash her damn kids." I WAS FURIOUS! Never had my bloodboiled instantaneously like it did in that moment. I was so mad, I couldn't focus, so I packed up my crap and went to tell my kids to get their shoes on. I said to her "I need to wash my damn kids, huh? Maybe you need to get on a damn treadmill! Bullying little children? That's classy."
She, not her husband, would even look at me. I went and got their shoes on, then on my way out said "they are little kids, and they painted their faces today, for fun, because it's summer. What's the big damn deal?" Still no response. Apparently it's easier to call someone out on their parenting skills when they aren't standing right there, but when confronted she had nothing to say to my face. Classy. Not my finest moment, but I will be damned before I let someone talk to my kids that way, or question my mothering.

For the record, once we got into the car, I explained to my kids that that was not the best way to handle it, but to never ever let someone talk to them badly, and that it is okay to say something to them.  I was super rude, but that woman had it coming to her.  Maybe next time she will at least think twice before opening her big fat mouth.  But probably not. 

My boy is one of the great sunshines of my life.  IDK what I would do without him.  (And maybe even mickey too! :) haha!)

My baby girl got her first tooth!  She has been a bear for the last week, or week and a half, and now she is sprouting teeth!  No wonder she was so angry!

We are goofballs.  What can I say?  I love to lay on the front lawn of this house.  I have no idea what we are going to do when we move away from here!  It will be so strange. Presley doesn't totally get it, but Cash has expressed some fear.  I think mostly because he hasn't ever done it before. I am sure we will love the new house though, because we will have more space.  It will be lovely! 

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