Monday, July 1, 2013


I forgot how bad I hate moving.  I also forgot how disorganized I am.  Sheesh.  I have spent way too much time the last four years in school, and not nearly enough time organizing all 5 people in my home, and, of course, all of the things we maintain.

We are in and going though, so i guess life is good... :)  Just project time, which is kind of exciting, honestly...

Being a short sale we had a couple projects that needed done... the seller typically does it, but they didn't have any money, I guess that's why they were short-selling...  :) 

This shed outside had to be painted or sided before we could close... so we got out there and got painting.  It took a good solid day, and a little of the next. Amelia was so upset all day, finally had a fever that night, and she had an ear infection.  Poor little girl.  I felt so bad for her. 

This is our new house:

The deck had to have the "peeling paint mitigated."  Blake was so kind to come over and belt sand the better part of it.  It is so nice now that it is over... but it leaves another massive project before winter hits... we need to refinish it.  

We are going to miss doing this in our old yard:

 But I am sure we will find adequate room to do it on the acre we are moving to...

Presley found my veil at Grandma's... it's been there since we moved into our last house: 

 Love this little turkey butt.  She LOVES being the bride and she "Can't wait to get married!" Goofball.  :) 

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Jarae said...

So pretty much haven't checked your blog in forever. Holy cow your kids are so big now and you have added a third. :)

Where did you guys buy your new house at?

Hope you guys are doing well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! :)