Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All About Amelia... (Almost...)

My sweet precious baby is growing so stinking fast!  It might be killing me...  :)

I love this baby more than words!


She is beautiful.  Gorgeous blue-ish eyes.  I wonder if they will stay so blue, they have a brown ring around the center... makes me wonder if they will be hazel like Cash's...

 LOVE LOVE LOVE these headbands from target.  Girlie girlie!  And she got this cute outfit from Gymboree from Grandma Teresa.  She is always dressed so beautiful!  :)

Love this squishy face.  For real.  She is so darn sweet, I just want to eat her up!  :)  She still has no teeth, so she does this all the time with her little mouth.  Love her s'much!

Uncle Rob in all his glory! :) 

Sweet PJ came and snuggled up to her dad (sleeping off a night shift mid-day) and napped with him.  She loves her daddy.  Love her sweetness.

Easter dress... so stinkin' cute! LOVE those thighs.  Pretty proud of them. I grew those myself... 

Wants to be big like the big girls. 

Cash had a friend from school come play.  Also named Amelia.  I have mixed feelings for sure, but this girl is adorable. 

  First trip to community care.  she had nurse maids elbow.  Something Cash has had a couple times.  It's a lot more freaky to me in a tiny babe though... yikes!  We got her fixed right up, though. Love her!
 Cutest big brother ever.  He helps her so much, all the time.  Love him!
 Cutest bum bum, ever!

 Dance picture day.  Love this little pink cloud of darling precious girls! 

These girls are so dang gorgeous.  Presley's face makes me laugh!  Love her so dang much.

My baby is the sweetest.

 Salt dough party 

 mmmm mmmm good!
 My sweet babies!
Sweet baby hands.  

Gosh I love this baby. She is the sweetest thing on the planet!  I am a lucky mommy, for sure!  ;)

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