Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

My dear boy graduated from Kindergarten last friday.  

I feel so happy and so sad, all at once!  :) 

 I am so proud of him, and for all of his hard work this year.  He is reading, and doing a really great job.  He loves science, and he is good at adding.  I am amazed by the things he thinks about and knows.  He really is a smart little stinker.  He LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Zinzer (pictured in the bottom middle). He told me that she is 31. (Pretty sure she isn't...) He also tells me that she was in a car accident, which is why she uses a cane.    He keeps telling me that he doesn't want to leave her class.  But he has been telling me lately that it's okay, and he can still go visit her.  Since we are in the process of moving, we will be going to a different school next year.  I hope he is okay with that.  He LOVES Mrs. Lords as well (bottom right picture) She told me one day when I was in his class (assisting his classmates) that she just loves Cash, and sometimes thinks she would like to take him home to be her little boy :) -- I told here there were days I would let her!  haha.  She is a neat lady, and has definitely inspired my sweet son to learn and grow. Grateful for these wonderful women in his life, and for his class full of friends.

Cash is funny, he won't kiss me hardly ever anymore, he always lets me kiss him on the cheek though.  He is usually fantastic about letting me have hugs whenever I want.  Love that.  He frequently tells me stories about the kids at school, and when I ask him what he learned he always says "I don't know! Geez mom, I always forget!"  haha... He has a sweet little soul, and loves his sisters so.  They would be lost without that big brother to show them the way.  He is always watching out for them, but occasionally frustrated by them and the way they act.  haha.  Millie looks at him with the sweetest expressions, she just LOVES him.  She loves Presley too, it's so fun to watch her light up when they come around.  They like to get right in her face, and I think it drives her a little crazy.  Poor girl, haha.  But she loves them none-the-less.  Presley told Cash today "I want to do whatever you want to do." She is so good to just love him, and play so sweet with him.  They truly are the best of friends, and would be lost without each other.  I love all three of them SO much, it hurts.

"Daer mom, this is your mathers day peresint to show you 

thet I love you." 

I was glad to see he picked that flower out of our own yard this time, and not Mrs. Fish's.  :) 

By the time mother's day came last week, I had 4 tulips in that cup, and my beautiful children had given me all of them.  Presley even gave me a few dandelions as well.  Most gorgeous flowers I have ever received.  I have some phenomenal children, that's for sure. 

I always tell the kids I am the luckiest mommy ever.  When I ask them why I am the luckiest mommy ever, they will say "because you have me."  They know I love them more than anything. 

I am excited to see him progress.  He is a sweet, sweet spirit, and I cannot imagine my life without him in it.  Cashie, your mommy loves you so stinkin' much! :) 

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