Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My kids say:

5/15/13 - "Mom, we shouldn't put baby Millie in the dump, because then the tractor would cut her! Even us!" - Presley 

(Wondering where THAT came from...)

5/6/13 - Presley-Dad, I had a scary dream..
Me-what was your dream about?
Presley-it was was...there were these....You just need to go see it in the theaters.

5/4/13 - "Mom, Isaac is my twin. Because we have the same head." - Cash

5/3/13 - "Mom, you know what? When Dad yells at me it teaches me how to yell at other people." -Cash

4/22/13 - "Mom! You know what? I look like Jesus! .....Because I have long hair!" - Presley

4/14/13 - "Mom, when you have a crush, that means you're in love! And when you're in love, then there are hearts all over around you. But only Heavenly Father can see the hearts, you can't see them." - Cash

3/13/2013 -Coleman sold a couch today:
Cash - "You can't buy this couch, it's not for sale!" 
Coleman - "Cash, be nice!"
Cash - "No, I like that couch! You can't buy it. Find another one!"
Presley - "If you buy that couch, I'm gonna spank your butt!" 

10/16/12 - "Mom, I need some of your hot cereal. Because I am having a blood sugar." - Presley

(She has been hanging out with her pregnant mom for far too long)

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