Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013

My cute fat baby:


I am so proud of this infant, and her little fat rolls.  I grew her.  From start to finish, and even since birth she has been breastfed, therefore I grew all of her, fat and all. I love it. I feel such satisfaction knowing that I have accomplished so much, and when I look at her, I feel so fulfilled.  She is amazing, and the true meaning of my life. 

Who couldn't love this face?

This picture makes me so joyous. These babies are sitting on the counter (where they aren't supposed to be, mind you) but they are so preciously sweet, and cute faces, who could be angry?  They just wanted to play with their baby Amelia.  They love her so much, I am so grateful for them. 

She actually tried solids for the first time on the 6th.  Her 5 month birthday.  I don't think she loved them. ;)

My girl is SO beautiful! I always say that, but it is true! 

My kids love to swing.  Presley always asks for a "booster high" which would be the equivalent to my generation's "underdoggy" ha.  Cash is learning how to swing himself, I am so grateful for it. :)

Presley said to me "Mom, look at me! I am doing tummy time.  Look I'm rolling over!" Love this little baby/big girl.  She wants to be like her sister. haha. 

Early morning scare hair! Love my girlies!
Triplers.  Love these girlies so MUCH!  Presley wore pants for hte first time, in what, a year?  Dresses are for girls, and they twirl, and pants are lame.  I love her little girlish flare.  And I love the way she says girlish. Cutest thing EVER!

 Bike riding
Love this pic.  My babies are being pulled by their daddy.  I think he loves the train look, although I am sure I could have pulled something...

Out biking and my PJ fell asleep. She is so dang sweet.  I love her so much, I can't stand it. 



We ran across the street to the Ammon egg hunt Saturday morning.  Why not right? We like the Iona one the best, but the Ammon one is right there, and it was fun!

All three are blinking.  What are the odds?  Presley won a "big prize" and it was a Disney princess book, of 5-minute stories.  Super precious... she was thrilled!

Waiting for the fun to start, in Iona.  What can I say, we are the cool parents that took their kids to 2 egg hunts.  Blake came with us, which was fun for him.  He hasn't done a lot of this stuff for years...

Everyone made a haul! Cash ran and grabbed "big prizes" for himself, Pres, and Livi.  It was sweet.
 The bunny.  Kind of creepy? IDK, the kids were excited! Cash wanted to tell him he wanted a batman lego set. Love that kid so much, I can't stand it.

These are from Easter morning.  My sweet baby enjoyed her basket, and the big kids found it for her.

Cash got his batman legos, Pres a Ariel that swims. Millie a few teething toys and everyone got some yummy treats.  Love these kids.  

This was actually Saturday, Blake was quite the egg dyer.  It was fun to see what the kids came up with.  They enjoyed it immensely, and so did the grown ups! :)

My favorite people on this planet! I don't know how someone's heart can be any more full than mine is, when I am with them.  They are each amazing individuals, and I love them all so much! 

Bunny left the kids an egg hunt! My fav. tradition!

Breakfast. My sweet little family.  Love them so much!
These are the two crappy pictures I got of the kids before church. I didn't get one after church, but these made me laugh. Millie was a hungry baby girl. Love her little face, even when she is angry.

The kids stuck these glasses on her. Love their humor :)


The best daddy in the world gets a fantastic huge hug from his babies before they go to bed.  Love them all so much. 

Cash's apology note.  I think he told me that he hates me.  I am sure it isn't the last time. "Mom Im so sarey that I sed that -- I like you and kin I say one theeng ok Mom theync you for driving me to gramas house -- Love Cash"

Amy, our beautiful childhood friend from Logan.  We met up with her at the new mall, The City Creek, in SLC. It was super fun. LOVE the Disney store. possibly my fav. store right now! :)
 Jogging! It's finally been getting warm and snuggly, good enough for jogging. Hallelujah! Someday I will kick it all into gear, and get skinny... until then I will continue with school, and get moved, and everything... crazy life of mine! 

Giant picture of my family. Done for $10.  I LOVE it! 

She is a nose honker, and holy schnikeys it HURTS!  She has enough sharp nail, and a tight grip.  Totally hurts, and digs right in. Love this tiny babe more than words. 

Livi, Gab, Pres and Millie.   Little painted fingers at our house.  These are girlie girls after all.

My baby Millie was in the paper.  Love her s'much! 


We bought a new gorgeous table! I am in love! :) Happy to take it to our new home, wherever that may be... and enjoy it immensely.  I am super thrilled about it! 

I don't know If I have mentioned enough, but these girls (and their big brother) are the center of my world.  
Don't know what my life would be without them. 
I am so blessed.

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