Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jan/Feb '13

Mid January we spent a weekend in the condos in bear lake with my family. It's my grandma's present to everyone for Christmas. I appreciate and love that she does this.  We get to spend a weekend all together, swimming, sledding, etc.  Coleman couldn't go this year, I hate that.  Hopefully someday he has a great job that isn't crappy hours, or shift work, and he can take off a bunch of time, whenever he wants.... :) I can dream, right? 

At the condo playing sleeping lions.  Best quite game EVER!  Seriously, no peep for like 15 minutes.  That must be some kind of record for that many kids under 8! :) 

Super cute outfit :) --- LOVE this babe

Cash's Darth vader with a mini light saber.  Totally cracked me up! He and Koop are buddies! :)  These kids get along so well most of the time. I enjoy being with them so much. 

I babysat the kids for a weekend while Sarah and Kris went to North Dakota.  We had a great weekend, for sure.  Love all of these babies so much! 

All of my favorite little peeps in one place!

Cash going to school. I drop him off all the time, and I just can't believe how big he is! Walks himself in... so independent.  Love that about him. 

In February Coleman lost a very special person, his Aunt Allison.  Her funeral ended up being the same weekend that we blessed baby Millie.  It was kind of a hard weekend for my kids, because she came and lived here with Coleman's mom for about 6 weeks just after Thanksgiving, and she was here for Christmas.  Coleman had a hard time with it for a bit, and my kids are still asking questions coming to terms with everything.  Death is a concept they haven't seen much of, and this was a tough one. They saw Grandma Teresa take it hard, and it was good for them to see the grieving process.  I am so sad for Allison's beautiful children.  She is a beautiful person, and will be sadly missed by all. 

Allison passed away the same day that, all the way over in Japan, we got a new baby girl, Arreva:

Coleman's sister Lyndsi with new babe... 
All the kiddos.  Miss them SO much!  Hate having them so stinkin' far away.  It's terrible!  We haven't gotten to meet baby Arreva yet, and they haven't met baby Millie.  It's kind of crappy.  But someday it will happen, I am just sure.  :)

But Amelia's dress was gorgeous:

Found this phenomenal dress... on ebay of all places.  It was a great deal! ($55) and it is silk!  GORGEOUS on my precious baby girl.  I was so thrilled.  She obviously didn't appreciate the fitting, and I don't have any pictures from her actual blessing day.  Sarah has them... I need to get them from her.  She is always so wonderful to take pictures on our special days.  Love her for that.

This was from her blessing day.  Quite possibly my favorite picture of this sweet baby, ever.  Love. 

We embellished her booties for the blessing... and made a flower pretty for her hair, a flower pretty for PJ's hair, and myself a matching corsage.  Love.  Made me sao happy and proud to match my sweet beautiful baby. 

Presley's dance class. I love these little girlies so much! They are so fun to watch every Thursday.  Love her sweetness.  She loves dance more than anything on this planet!  I am glad she found something she loves. 
She's starting to look around everywhere for mom.  Love it! :) 

Mmmm mmmm, squishy baby! 

My Cash made a lego train that says the word "lego" --- He took this blurry picture of it too. I am so impressed :)
Elephantitis legs, ha

Fat and squishy.  LOVE!

Loving her daddy.  And he does look quite sexy in this picture, if I do say so myself. :)

pure perfection.  mmmm... love. 

borrowing mom's robe

SLEDDING!   YES! Who wouldn't love this?  Nothing better than a good snow day with no school! YAHOO!

Blue hair for spirit week. 

Gummy grin. Who couldn't love a face like that?!

We've been going shooting more.  I Love this. 

Blue eyed babe

Brown eyed babe

Hazel eyed man-child

I am struggling with the thought of leaving this house a little... mostly this nursery.  It is where I brought home my three babies. I love that room so much. I painted it when Cash was in my tummy, and I was a big momma.  :) I miss those days a little... when he was tiny.  I love every one of them, and miss each for different reasons.  But I loved becoming a mother for the first time. It really is the calling I was meant to do ont his Earth.  So grateful for these wonderful babies.  Love them so much.

Alfalfa hair.  He has many special request hairdos.  Missionary, spiky, mohawk, even two-face from batman.  That on is interesting... 

100 days of school! Crazy!  They had a party, and cash took his 100 collection, 100 legos! Perfect for him. He also finished his green book early, so he got to buy a lego set, thanks to daddy.  nothing like a little incentive. He picked sponge-bob:

I think he took this sponge-bob thing too far:

This picture was taken at Kennedy's baptism in December.  She is growing into such a beautiful, lovely young lady.  I love her so much! 

squishy squishy

I am so blessed.

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