Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Time 2012

So this girl has officially decided, and I quote "Mom, I don't wear pants anymore!" (more like, mom, I don't weah pants anymoh" LOVE LOVE LOVE her sweet little voice.)
She only wants to wear dresses.  She likes to twirl them.  Because she is a princess, and that is what they do.  I love her so stinkin' much...  :)  

Millie's eyes are staying  pretty dang light! She is so pretty.  If she keeps that dark hair and those light eyes she may just be a knockout.  She is a sweet baby, and I am so so grate ful for her.  LOVE!

She is melting us so much, by doing more and more of this: 

We went to see Santa one night, well... Cash wanted to run in and see Santa, so he did.  Presley was freaked and told him from afar what she wanted.  It was cute, and totally made me laugh. We actually went back later and got a better picture with him... will have to add it later.

This year, we had an elf-on-the-shelf join our family.  Boy was Cash excited. We named him Oliver, and Cash was so joyous, and excited to talk to him.  So sweet, so animated, and so fully believing everything around him.  I love watching him enjoy these holidays so much I can't stand it :) -- He is such a nice little boy, I just want to squeeze him, and wrap him up... :)

Oliver's Antics... :

My girl is so incredibly gorgeous.  I just love to see her sweet little face.  She loves being with mom, and having her nails done, etc.  She is a total girly girl.
 My ladies (Boy am I blessed):
 I was so tired because Amelia didn't sleep a wink all night... then she did this all day:
 More Elf Antics:

Super cute new Sunday Christmas clothing.  Love my beauties.  Sad that this was the best we got before church... haha:

 But I got this one later, which made me happy:
 My sweet girlies, in their cute new dresses.  I love Macy's and that is where we shopped this year.  They both looked gorgeous:

Still can't believe how much hair this babe has! (compared to my others...) She is dark like me! I finally got one.. sheesh! :)

Oh, Oliver, that naughty little elf:

Pure perfection:

 mmmm.... curled up newborn legs, and her outty bellybutton is getting better:
 My amazing babies:
 We're in love
 Christmas Eve, it FINALLY snowed! Love white Christmases!:
 Christmas Eve Jammies. My babies all looked so cute in their new Disney Jammies:
 More of this, makes me so stinkin' happy:
 Loving daddy:
 Christmas Morning:

 We were spoiled rotten as usual.  So grateful for these little people I got to enjoy it with.   We spent the morning at our own house this year, Coleman's parents, Levi and his Aunt Allison came over for a bit after the main event, just to see what the kids got. We went over to their house next and ate german pancakes with them.  They were delicious.  Good company.

One of my favorites:

I am so amazed by the amount of love I can feel for these little people in my life. I am so blessed, and I feel so incredibly fulfilled right now. It has been nice taking the semester off, with a newborn babe, but I guess soon it is back to reality.  Back to work and school, etc.  I can't believe how crazy it all is, and how fast it has been moving. I feel so lucky to be a mommy, especially to these three wonderful/incredible/amazing little people.  I have learned SO much the last few years, I can't believe how much joy I can feel.  I am excited for my accomplishments, and looking forward to achieving more in my future!  Just enjoying our time, and loving my babies! :)

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