Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving/Coleman's birthday

We spent this Thanksgiving with Coleman's parents. Coleman had to work from 7am-7pm, so we didn't see a lot if him... And he had to work the next morning, so he didn't do his usual black Friday, all nighter, shopping.... We did a little online, and got some good deals, and the best part, they're shipped straight to the house for free...  No fighting crowds, we got to sleep that night... It was easy, and e spent all our time with the kids. :)  Jesse came home this year and brought his girlfriend Jaecee.  It was just a nice quiet dinner... Lyndsi is in Japan right now, so she doesn't get to come home anytime soon.  Dang it!  We missed them so much...

Cash kept asking for a chicken leg for dinner, so they gave him a big old turkey leg.  he kept saying that he was going to eat his whole dinner, leg and all.... Didn't quite happen... But he did good.  I think Presley ate one bite of potatoes, cause i fed it to her, and she ate 19 olives.  At least. She's on the super model diet these days... Love her!   Then baby Amelia got the usual fare... Maybe next year she can taste some yummy Thanksgiving dinner...

Coleman's birthday was a couple days ago, he worked most of the day, then we had cake and ice cream at his moms.  We went to dinner a few nights before, on his day off. He wanted to go to red robin, so we did... And I told them it was his birthday... Boy were they humiliating .. Don't go there on your birthday :)

We are doing so well!  I start back at work on the eighteenth of December... this time off has been wonderful with this sweet little baby, and my big kids!  I am the luckiest mom in the whole world!  I am only going back one shift a week... Nights for now...  This way I am not gone from my family for long stretches during the day.  12 hour shifts are long!  Hopefully my baby and kids do better this way...

I am so genuinely happy right now... I am feeling so complete, this third baby has sure changed us into a real family.  I feel so secure, and so excited about where we are as a family, and where we're going.  Yay for this part of my life! I really can't imagine any other times in my life being more fun than this one.  I love the sweet innocence of my children.  So grateful for them, and all that I have the opportunity to learn every day.

I have been reminded this year, how lucky I am to have these sweet babies!  I am so grateful to be married to their daddy, and to have the knowledge and promise of an eternal family.  I an grateful for my relationship with Coleman, and the good times we have had.  We just laugh all the time.  I am grateful to care for these kids, and spend each day with them, helping to teach them, and having the opportunity to love them so much.  Grateful to have food to feed them, and doctors to help us when we are sick.  Heavenly father is absolutely mindful of our struggles, and is there to help us overcome them.

So excited for Christmas!!

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