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We'll start by saying I was going to go to Lagoon last weekend... Guess its good i didn't :) I wasn't feeling that good, and so Sarah took my kiddos with her to lagoon.  Coleman and I were planning on working on getting house stuff done to get it listed.

Anyway back to my actual labor story:

I woke up on Saturday October 6th, at 0320, when Coleman got home from work.  Coleman told me about work, then asked me if I'd been having contractions.  I was a little surprised by the randomness of his question, and I said "no" but then I realized I was having one right then... I think I had been having them before that, but I finally was feeling them enough to wake up... I grabbed my phone and started keeping track of times  to see if there was a pattern. They were about 6-7 minutes apart.  At 415 I got up and finished some laundry...put away dishes, and took a bath. 

The contractions kept coming, even though I kept thinking they would stop..  :) ...I called Dr. L. to inform him, and to ask if they would stop my labor because I was 37.1 weeks.  He affirmed that they wouldn't, I said "perfect, then I don't have to wait for my water to break." Ha.  So I finally woke Coleman up at 9 am, and told him to take me to the hospital... 

We got to the hospital and walked into labor and delivery... Heather was my nurse, and she checked me and I was 4 and 50% effaced.  I was excited, because change means something is actually happening!  I just kept hoping they wouldn't send me home. They held onto me for a couple hours, I walked around the unit for a while, and in my room.  It being general conference, that's what we watched in my labor room... It was announced that missionaries are going to be able to start going out at 18, and girl missionaries at 19.  Very interesting announcement... One of the biggest I have ever heard. What a special day to hear it.

Coleman's been working a lot of nights.  (I think it was something like 8 of the last 10...) He was tired.

Heather came in to check me again at about 1145. I was 5 and still 50% effaced.

She called Dr. L... The student got my IV in... Dr. L came and broke my water at 12:20.  He said I was about a 6 then... And still 50% effaced.  No going back now...  :)

I got my epidural at about 1:20, as my contractions were starting to get pretty dang ouchy...  My epidural went just perfectly going in.  I am just glad I didn't look at that horrifying needle :) ...  After epidural my b/p dropped really good, which I always have a problem with, but this one was worse I think.  It took me an hour to get feeling normal.  I had so much pressure in my chest, and i kept feeling like I couldn't breath.  They ran a couple bags of fluid in me, and had to give me a bunch of ephedrine to help get my b/p back up.

At 2:45 pm I felt some good contractions, and I knew progress was being made.  I told my nurse usually once I got to 8 or 9 I am usually a couple contractions away from being complete.  She checked me, I was an 8, so she went to call Dr. L. and he walked in right then... My nurse set up the delivery table, and the baby stuff, and called the baby nurse.  Out came the stirrups, and Dr. L and Coleman gowned up, and got ready...

I pushed through a couple contractions to get the baby's head out. Then the shoulders .... ouchie.   :)  It really all went very smoothly. The nurse said "that's a big baby!  I bet you felt that!"  It was a big baby... And yes I did feel it.  After babe was out,  Coleman said "oh, its a boy."  The baby nurse J'lene (My dad's cousin) replied "are you sure?" As he was setting baby on my belly, he looked again and said "Oh it's not a boy, its a girl!"  I cried.  Of course.  She is beautiful. I couldn't believe she was here. I couldn't believe she was a girl.  She is perfect.  She has hair, dark hair.  I was totally in a fog... Totally in a state of shock.

It was then that the thought flashed in my head "You look like an Amelia!"  (It was a name I had noticed in my grandma Dinsdale's genealogy book (her grandmother), and Coleman and I both kind of liked.  We just hadn't talked about it much during my whole pregnancy, so I was surprised it hit me like that.)

I just kept looking at her wiggling around on me, the nurse kept reminding me to rub her with the blankets, to stimulate her and get her going.  I just kept watching her, and all of her perfection.  Watched her pink up, and cry.  Looked at her perfect little fingers and toes.  I was in awe.

 I didn't have to push the placenta out, Dr. L kind of pulled the cord and pushed my belly, and out it came.  I bled pretty good, and they had to give me methergine to help stop the bleeding (I had too have it with Presley too, so it wasn't all that surprising.)  There was remnants of placenta left, so he did a d&c  (well at least the c :) ha.)  right then.  I couldn't feel a thing from that. Thank heaven for epidurals. Seriously. I didn't even tear, either, so no stitches.

After delivery was the first I got pitocin. And that was just to help my uterus stay clamped down, and not bleed too badly.

Photo: Eligible for a mission in 19 years!!!!
Coleman posted this picture on Facebook with a caption that read "Eligible for a mission in 19 years!!!!"  Needless to say this was very confusing to... just about everyone.  :)  A few people got it, but since the change was announced several short hours before, not everyone got it.

(P.S. check out that cord!  Huge chunky cord...)

Overall it was a great experience.  Everything I love about delivery day, and then some.

There is nothing on this planet like holding a newborn baby right out of your belly.  Not knowing the gender was awesome. Seriously. I loved every aspect of it.

And I love her.  She's amazing.   :)

Daddy bathed her right in the room, which was fun.  Measha was the nurse that helped teach him what to do. 

He did good.  He loves these babies. 

Her little acrocyanotic feeties... love her! :)   You can kind of see the bruising on her forehead in this one too.  I think she was sore, she was kind of fussy for the first little while that morning. 

We had a few visitors... but almost everyone was out of town.  Mom was working, Dad/Sarah were at Lagoon with alll of our kids, Coleman's parents went to SLC for the weekend, and so Coleman and I got to enjoy the first day with her all alone.  It was wonderful.  Coleman sat with her and sang to her that night, and kissed and loved on her. All at once, he said "You just look like an Amelia."  I couldn't believe my ears.  Worded the exact way I heard it in my own head.  I think there was a role of divine inspiration there.  It is just her name.  We both knew it, and separately.  I found that to be really interesting.

But we did have a few visitors the next couple of days:

You can see how bruised her cute little forehead is in this one.  Poor baby. 

Mass chaos ensued when Sarah and Kris and Mom and Blake showed up all at once!  A whole bunch of excited kids, so much joy.  It was fun to watch them each love on the baby, and want to have a turn holding her.

Photo: Thanks, Mimi, for the bone jammies!  She totally loves them :)

Mimi brought her these jammies.  They are SO cute!

Now we are a family of five!  Crazy

The kids really have enjoyed her.  Especially Cash. he is an independent little squirt. 

We are working through transition stuff a little bit, especially with Presley, but she is a sweet little girl, and really loves the baby.  She just likes her attention too. :) Don't we all. The first thing she said when holding her was "Whoa, it's heavy!"

Photo: Amelia Lynn Moore, Oct 6th 2012, 3:09pm, 8 lbs 4 oz, 20 1/2 inches.
Amelia Lynn Moore, October 6th 2012, 3:09 pm, 8 lbs 4 oz, 20 1/2 inches.  Beautiful.  Pure perfection.

We are absolutely thrilled to have her with us! 

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