Friday, October 5, 2012

October is here!

I am 37 weeks pregnant today.  This baby could come out anytime and most likely do perfectly.  I am SO ready.  I went to see Dr. L last week, and he said I was 2 cm, and 75% effaced ("I wouldn't be surprised to see you in the hospital in the next 2 weeks..."-Dr. L.  All I could say was "Don't say that, it gives me false hope." Ha) .   He measured my belly at 38 weeks (I was 36) and seemed okay with it. I think this might be why he wouldn't be surprised to see my in the hospital sooner rather than later.

The PA yesterday affirmed the 2 centimeters, but said if she had to guess she would think I wouldn't be going into labor anytime too soon. She said the baby has dropped some, but still has some to go.  On a better note My belly measured 37 weeks.  First time this whole pregnancy my belly has measured in accordance to my due date.  She said she thinks it's because the baby has dropped.  I am still holding out for not a 10 pounder... so maybe there is hope.  :)

I am ready for this baby to come out.  Now.

I always love the last month. ;) -- It is painful, everything starts to hurt.  My bladder hurts, I have pitting edema in my legs... My pubic bone is separating, and my tailbone is sore.  It will be nice to have this baby, and begin the process of recovery again.  Recovery and weight loss.  Again.

I feel like a baby factory.

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