Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So Long Sweet Summer!

I cannot believe another summer is coming to an end.  Holy cow have we had a good one.  I love Summer time, but I am looking forward to fall this year.  I have a sweet baby coming which will be wonderful, but I am also looking forward to taking my kids trick or treating!  I love Halloween, so that should be fun...

But a recap of the stuff i didn't post this summer:

Lava!  Usually Coleman's family goes camping every year... this year they picked Lava.  But we had a terrible turn out... But we sure still had fun!

My big ole belly! I was 26 weeks 1 day...

Little miss Sassy pants

A few of my favorite kids!  Love packing them with me, and finally having a car big enough!

The Rigby Lake!

Papa Blake playing with the kids

Love water so murky you can't see in 5 inches...

Comparing bellies! :)  I was about 28 weeks


Our cute girls!

Love this face!

Cash doing a chore... brushing the dog :)

The playhouse we bought last year, and finally put together this year....

Dad helping Cash do more chores... $2 for every wheelbarrow load of rocks... :) I think he has only completed one load, ha.

The tomatoes we GREW!

Cruising in the Jeep... she's already had a few miles put on her...

 Trampoline sleepovers!  LOVE this!
My baby played T-ball this summer... SO crazy! 

Captain Jack Sparrow

We went Camping at Downata with Dad, Kristine, Sarah and Kris.  It was the first of June, so Coleman was goine for his national guard 2 weeks in the summer... he was missed immensely :)

We Loved Parades!

Olivia on the dance float!  She is so big!
 Manti Pageant... and Mexican food... mmmmm mmm good
Snow cones

Love these girls!

Helping Sister

 Scurvy Pirate, and skeleton man!
 Presley wanted to look mean and scare people with Cash. I think the ladybug was counterproductive?
One weekend in August we spent in the Malan cabin, and we went to Virginia City in Montana.  It was a fun weekend, and we let the kids try panning for gold.  Not nearly as easy as I thought... Very time consuming.

A couple of my kids favorite friends! We have been babysitting our friend Mara's twins for a while now, on Mondays.  Love these sassy little chicks!
We played at the park.  ALOT.  Cash even learned to do the monkey bars this summer.  

Hope you had as great a summer as we did... It was wonderful, but much too short.  :)  Oh well, only good things to look forward to this fall! 

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