Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fat and Happy

So.... We are doing well.  I have an entire person in my body at this point.  I was 32 weeks on Friday.  A few weeks ago (8/15) I was 29 weeks 5 days, and we had an ultrasound to see why my belly is measuring 3-4 weeks ahead of my due date.  It's because this baby is huge.  Measuring 17 days ahead of my due date... SO I am fearful that  I am going to be having a 10 pounder... But we will see what happens here.  

First thing I thought of was gestational diabetes, but I did pass the 1 hour glucose test with flying colors.    My fasting sugar was 55 (which I was surprised I wasn't symptomatic) but my 1 hour sugar was 114.  I did great.  I had eaten cereal that morning and did the test nearly 4 hours later... I should really quit eating cereal.  :)
This was at that appointment:

Oh my kiddos love their daddy.  He is so good to them, and loves them so much, and they know it.

 Images of the baby, side profile... sweet little face. Can't wait to meet you baby!
 frontal image of face, eye nose mouth, part of arm... it kind of cuts through the baby's head a little bit.
My belly did measure 33 weeks that day... I have another appointment on Wednesday, so we will see where I am at then.  I think I am measuring plenty big now... :) -- I feel like I am.  In fact I called Dr. L about it a few days later, to express my concerns, and he made me feel so much better.  I just don;t want to push out a ten pounder. Seriously.
So in baby world, I am getting super prepared for this kiddo... lots of diapers and lotions and etc... I am feeling ready for this baby to come. I even bought a cute new girl outfit, and boy outfit to bring baby home in.  I am excited to find out what it is, and to begin bonding with a newborn again.  I love the newborn stage.  It is so short, so you have to enjoy it immensely :) ... I am looking forward to watching Coleman bond with this baby.  It is at delivery that he does, and that you can see his love for these little babies.  Cause he does love them, so, so much.

I can't get over how much like my pregnancy with Cash this pregnancy has been. I was so sick in the beginning, I have had crazy severe leg cramps (like I did with Cash) I had some with Pres, but not as badly.  I have carried the baby the same, I don't feel like I have dropped, yet.  This baby has the hiccups all the time, like Cash did... and I have had excruciating leg cramps, just like I did with Cash.  I have been having a ton of heartburn, and eating tums like Candy... I notice when I am eating more tums I have less leg cramps... So we are killing two birds with one stone.  :)  With Pres I hurt so much, my pubic bone and tailbone were out of whack the whole third trimester with her... I haven't had that this time, I actually feel really good.  I am beginning to feel it, though.  The end is beginning to come, and I can't decide if I am excited or not.  Excited for delivery day, and to meet this baby.  This is my favorite.  But nervous as well.  I have so enjoyed this pregnancy, especially the part where I eat whatever I want, and don't exercise, and I have packed on the pounds.  :)  Work is keeping me busy though.  On my toes a lot... and I think I have stayed active working... on my feet for 12 hour stints.  :)

I usually have been working for 5-6 shifts a month, enough to keep me sane, but not too much to drive me crazy... :)  I have enjoyed working a lot, and I am trying to figure out how we are going to make it all work when I go back after baby.  I am thinking I might be working a few more nights, so that the baby doesn't even miss me.  This last week I worked 45 hours.  It was a LOT.  For me.  I like spending my time with my kids, but I think I made enough to take my kids to Disneyland... and that seems to be all that matters to me right now.  Ha.  I want to take them so badly!

(Brandee's last day of work, Jessica in the middle, and my big pregnant self...)

(Jess is giving me a facelift. I don't remember exactly why... I think I was joking about having a pregnant fat face...  but again I am quite pregnant in this photo... but you can't exactly see my belly... haha. )

 Taken 9/4/12


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