Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kindergarten --- And The Fair!

Holy cow, what happened to my baby boy!?!   He started school last Monday, afternoon Kindergarten.  For several days before he would wake up and say "Mom, do I have school today?"  He has been so excited to go.  Much more excited than I have been honestly.  I am excited, just feeling strange about it... He is my baby boy!  In fact I told him that a couple weeks ago (8/17) We were talking about him going to school, and I said:

"But Cashie, you're still my baby!"

"I am NOT a baby! I have got my own life, mom."

I laughed forever, If only you understood that your life at this point is directly and 100% affected by mine... oh well.  Here we are.  

So the morning he was starting school, he came up to my bedroom and woke me up... he said:

 "Hey mom, am I going to walk to school today?"  

 "Yeah, but I am going to take you buddy, so I know you will get there okay." 

 "But mom, can we not bring the stroller?" Ha.  

He has been incredibly concerned about not looking like a baby, and looking cool for his classmates.  Which is why he had to pick his new shirt to wear that day... He told me he wanted to wear his new shirt, and all of his new shirts were long sleeve, so that would be too hot.  He said "Mom, come here.... come here mom.." and he pulls open his closet to the one new shirt we bought that was short sleeve.  Star wars legos.  One of his favorite things right now... he loves this game on the wii, Star Wars lego and he also loves Pirates of the Caribbean lego.  Ha.   

So, we walked to school.  Sarah brought her kids over to walk with us, which was fun.

 He RAN into the building... he was SO excited to go to school. Crazy child.  He was super cute and so thrilled.  I held up okay through this part...

Hanging up his new star wars lego backpack on his hook...  and his classmates names.  I love him. 

We met his teacher the previous Thursday very briefly at back to school night.  She remembered him, which I was impressed by.  She told him to sit at the Brown table... he just walked to the first chair he saw, and I reminded him to go to the one with brown chairs... it was at this moment that I decided he was too little for this, ha.  I wanted to cry.  I said to Coleman "Oh my gosh, I am going to cry..." and he said "Just hold it in until we leave..."  So I got this picture of his cuteness:

and walked out of his class... and as the door was closing I totally cried.  Ha. I didn't think I would... but I did.  I got it together pretty quick, but wow my baby isn't a baby anymore.  He is a big boy... :)

When we picked him up he was in his class group at the front of the school, and he held both of our hands and walked to the car.  He was in a bad mood because he didn't get to play the computers in his class.  Ha.  He loves to play on the computer at home... especially and all the games on there... This was his face:

It didn't take hm long to get talking about what they did and to get a little bit happier as you can see here:
The next day I had to work, but Coleman took him to school.  Cash and Pres rode bikes to the school, and Coleman locked up Cash's bike.  He said "We'll meet out here after school, and you can ride your bike home."
So... Coleman comes back to pick him up, with Presley in the jogging stroller... Cash wasn't in the class group in front of the school... so he walks around to the side where the bikes get locked up and Cash's bike is gone, just his bike lock is there laying on the ground... Coleman looked around and saw him clear at the end of the park closest to our house... He hopped off his bike, looked both ways, and crossed the street.  He hopped back on his bike and rode it home... the whole time Coleman is running to catch up to him (which is a lost cause, considering how far ahead he was) and when he got to the street he saw Cash running back out of the house, and out to get the mail.  Cash waved at Coleman. He was a proud big boy.

Coleman asked him why he rode home without waiting and he said "I don't want you to walk me to school anymore, Dad."  ha.  He literally said "I want to be a big boy."  

After they were home, Coleman started questioning him about his second day of school.

Cash said: "One kid, Quarter, got a yellow light.  But no one got a red light"
"Oh yeah, Quarter?  Like the money?
"No dad! Quarter!"
"Oh like, what you put in your candy machine?"
"No dad, Quarter!"
"Okay... so Quarter got a yellow light, what does that mean?"
"It means he lost part of his recess."
"Oh yeah, what does it mean to get a red light?"
"It means you lose your recess."
"So you just lose recess for a yellow light or red light?"
"uhhh okay... so what did Quarter do to get a yellow light?"
"He ate some paper."

I was suddenly reversed back to elementary school. HA!  P.S. I think the kids name was probably Porter, not Quarter.  Ha. 

This was his choice of shoes for day 3 (yellow day):

I laughed at him... silly kid.  I told him to change his shoes and socks like 15 times... He obviously didn't.  Oh well, at least he is cute. 

I had no intentions of putting him in school this year.  With his late birthday, it made sense to me to hold him until next year.  It wasn't until he turned 5 in July, and he started talking about Kindergarten... and then he started driving me crazy, (in a good way :) ) that I finally registered him, 2 weeks before school started.  He is practically reading, and can sound out words.  I kept thinking also, If I hold him back, do I hold Presley back too?  Do I really want 2 years in between Cash and Kooper in school?  As they are the 2 boys... I don't know... just alot of things to think about.  

He and Presley both had to get shots, which was not my favorite day... But then they got kids meals at McDs, and he milked it for 3 days.  ("Mom, I can walk up the stairs.  My shots hurt... etc."- 2 minutes in the car after shots Presley said "that didn't even hurt!" Cash said "Well, mine did.")

 Cash has adjusted so well to school, and is doing well so far.  I am feeling weird about it a little bit... but I sure think he is a great kid.  I am so proud of him, and all that he has accomplished.  I appreciate his independent personality, and his longing to be a big guy.  He has had a four day weekend this week because of Labor day, and he has asked just about every weekend day if it's a school day.  Ha. 

Funny convo the other day:

"Mom, I don't think there is a baby in there." - Cash

"Oh really, what do you think is in there then?"

"I think it's just food that's making you fat."

Thanks a bunch my darling boy.  :)

My beautiful Princess:

I just am so amazed by her sweetness and beauty.   She wants to go to Preschool.  She talks about it all the time.  She likes taking Cash to school, but she wants to go too.  That is so like her, wanting to do all the same things as her big brother. 

They fight like siblings, and she pulls the lungs out... she'll scream at a pitch that is excruciating, and it about pushes me over the edge.  :)  -- I love her.  She loves to talk about this baby coming, and frequently talks about the baby in her tummy.  In fact today she talked about the baby in her tummy and Cash said "You don't have a baby in your tummy, you're just a kid!"

I have been so impressed with her mommy skills coming out when she babies her babies.  She does have one baby in particular though that she beats.  Baby Rapunzel.  Coleman and I have had to step in a few times as CPS and take her away.  We've told Pres baby Rapunzel will go live with a new mommy that is nice to her if she can't be.  Ha.  She loves having Mara's twin girls come over and play on Mondays (somthing we have been doing for the last year, and it has been a great way for me to pay forward some of that babysitting everyone has done for me...)  She is so much more patient and sharing with them than Cash was at her age.  She is genuinely sweet, and wants to help.  She has been so good about picking up her toys, and cleaning up her messes.  This is something she is learning well.  

She is fun to watch play with her toys, she is constantly looking for her little princess dolls, and roll playing with them.  All of the princes she has are "prince charming."  Ha.  Except of course Flynn Rider, who she knows well.   She loves Flynn.  She has talked about naming this baby Flynn if it's a boy.  She is so fun, and sweet.  I have noticed how much different it is being a parent to the second child... I am more patient with her, just because I see things as phases now... not that I was really impatient with Cash, but it is easier to keep my head on straight with her because I see her innocence so much more, and I recognize these phases.  I think she is such a sweetheart, and I have so enjoyed having her in my home, and spending time with her.  The few hours we get alone (while Cash is at school) have been so good for us.  I think it will be good bonding time too once the baby comes, and the three of us can spend some time together... She will be a good little mommy to the baby.  She talks baout helping change diapers, and giving the baby a bath, etc.  She will be a great helper, and I am looking forward to it.

We went to the fair yesterday. Just Mimi, myself, and my 2 kids. We had a great time... Teriyaki rice bowls, elephant ear... the kids got some cotton candy and hot dogs... It was super fun.  Honestly.  It was one of the funnest times I have ever had at the fair, probably just because we went slowly, and just enjoyed the day.

Mini horses: Cash found his name!

Relaxing before the hypnotist show... well we were relaxing... the kids were not.

Milking the fake cow... then they got stickers and free chocolate milk.  Cash was THRILLED! "Mom this milk was FREE!!!"

 Don't worry that I paid $5 per kid to ride these (damn) ponies.  I couldn't help it... the kids wanted to so badly. So since we didn't ride any of the other rides... we did this.  Presley at first was nervous... they sat her on and she said "I don't want to do ride this."  Ha... but as sson as they started going she was all smiles, and SO cute about it.  Sweet girl.

We played and hung out... and watched some of the shows... we ended the day with the hypnotist... which we got rained out of.  It got so cold... we finally ran to the painting booth and looked around until the rain slowed... When it did, we went and grabbed a pronto pup:

Nothing like a blurry cell phone pic.  Cuteness. 

Then we wanted to see the quilts, etc... it began pouring rain again.  We finally had to brave it... I ended up taking off my shoes, and running with a stroller, and a massive belly, through 6 inches of water, to my car!  Ha.  I am sure THAT was a sight to see. My kids were cute, and I was grateful that I had brought their jackets.. 

Overall it was a great day.  Love these crazy little babies.  So grateful for them, and the time I get to spend with them. 

  P.S. Coleman didn't come because he was deployed by the national guard to go help fight the wildfires in Salmon area.  I am just hoping he is back before this sweet little baby joins our family. Ha.  He better be. If he knows what is good for him :)...  He started doing paperwork etc. on Wednesday, but didn't officially leave until Saturday early morning.  We are missing him a lot already, and I am looking forward to him coming home.  His official papers say 30 day deployment, but it could only be a couple weeks, or they could extend it, if necessary.

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