Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birthday Week

SO grateful it is over.

Is that bad to say?

I love spending each kids birthday with them, and doing fun things... but this year I am tired. This week seems to do this to me every year... Maybe it's worse because I have a baby in my tummy?

Not sure.  But I am tired, I know that.

We kicked it off this week on Friday the 6th, as Lyndsi and Darrell were in town, and leaving the next morning.  We were able to have a little birthday party for them... Cash had a moon cake, and Pres Rapunzel cupcakes... I don't think I have a picture dang it.

The next morning was my big boy's birthday!  Can't believe he is 5.  This year we let them each go pic out an inexpensive present on their special day, and decided where we ate.  Cash picked these Pirates of the Caribbean legos.  He chose lunch at Sizzler, because I think he is actually turning 75. 

 We had the kids birthday (super short notice) at Ijump this year.  It was fun.  They LOVED it.  Mara's girls came, and Sarah and her kiddos.  Rod and Teresa, Mom and Blake and Yoda all came as well.  It was a great birthday party.  :)  They jumped and jumped... then we came upstairs and opened presents...

Preseley's gifts had all the little girls excited.  That was pretty cute to watch. 

Rapunzel costume!  She opened this and was thrilled... Cash opened his Spiderman costume and is excited too!  I told them they have to wear them for halloween too.  :)

Sarah took my table decor... the long braid of Rapunzel hair... and I think she is doing the disco?  Still not exactly sure... :)

 My Birthday is sandwiched in there somewhere... I turned 27.  I kind of hate birthdays.  I had 0 expectations for that day, but Coleman had to work, and we went fishing in the morning, because he wanted to.  He did take me to Perkins for breakfast first, so that was fun.  I went fishing just to get ot hang out with them.  Then that night everyone went to Cafe Rio, even though I haven't really liked it much since I have been pregnant this go round.  Oh well.  My Mom and Yoday gave me this necklace and the pink earings to go with, LOVE it! Seriously. 

 Getting dirty!  IDK why they have to be such a filthy mess everytime we go places... but they were... a big fat mess.  Crazy kids.

There was even a little rainbow on my birthday... it was much more spectacular just minutes before, but I couldn't get a good photo for a minute... and by then it was mostly gone.

 On Presley's birthday we went to Rexburg Rapids.  The kids LOVED it.  It was a gorgeous and HOT HOT day... so that made it nice.  We took Presley out to breakfast that Morning, and we tried out Shari's (a restaurant) and it was okay.  She opened a little present that had Tinkerbell perfume, and a few other little things... a book, etc.  She was so cute opening it, and was so excited about her birthday.

 My 2 favorite men-folk.  I love these guys so much! :)

 Pres being shy from the camera... silly girl. 

We wore them right out.  Ha.  I love when they crash like this. They were obviously SO super duper tired.  It was a super fun, and tiring, day!  Oh and Presley picked out a Mereda doll (from the movie Brave) -- we went and saw it on opening day, and they were so excited about it.  It was really a cute show.  Pres obviously loved it.  And we had a great week.  I can't believe my babies are getting so big. Turning 5 and 3 is a step I have talked about so many times... especially when considering it was a necessary step before this baby comes.  Bizarre-o! 

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