Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

Parade!  We love the parade in IF... although it gets HOT, and super long...  It was a good time, and the kids were spoiled with candy!  

 Aunt Lyndsi made Presley and Hazel these adorable matching dresses.  She seemed fine putting it on, and taking off her shorts.... but as soon as we got home the following conversation happened between Presley and her dad:

" I want my short back on.  Mom made me take off my shorts, cause she is a mean mom."
"She's not a mean mom, Pres."
"No she's not mean, cause she doesn't beat us."

We went to Aunt Monica's for a BBQ.  She had new baby kitties under her deck. Cash loved them.

Cash loved this sweet old popo car.  He was happy to pose with it (unlike his little sis... she wasn't having it..)
Pres was nervous... she doesn't like how loud the fireworks are... We met up with Sarah and Kris at Le Ritz hotel, where they stayed that night.  We watched the fireworks there with them.  It was fun to see the IF show, it's the first time we have been to those fireworks since 2005. I have missed them immensely. 

  The fireworks were phenomenal!  Although loud, and they kind of freaked Pres out.  She has always been a little sensitive to sounds and bright lights, so the fireworks are the perfectly wrong thing for her, at this age.  She likes them though, and she was SUPER excited to go see them.  She kept asking all day to see the fireworks... she has a love hate relationship with them :)

Her beloved shorts.

They had a great time, and were so fun to take to the fireworks.  Daddy had to work that night, so it was just the 3 (and a half) of us.  I love this country, and am so grateful for our freedoms.

It was Coleman's last week at BHC, and he is starting a new job for Idaho Falls doing 911 dispatch... so hopefully that will go well for him.  We are proud of him and for all he does for our family. 

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