Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last weekend in June: Lagoon and Manti Pageant

We spent the weekend in Utah!  We bought Lagoon season passes this year... So we went to Lagoon on Thursday... Kennedy and Dad met us there:

Mom takes the kids on the "spinny" rides, because Dad will throw up :)

Cash's face in these pictures makes me laugh... he so enjoyed this ride, especially considering he didn't want to ride it "because it is lame."  Now that he is big enough to ride a few of the bigger rides... the bat being a big favorite.

The kids rides are all the same, just a different theme... but generally they go up and down and in a circle.  Pres loved them all.

Riding BomBora with Grampa... the kiddos loved it!

Yummy food, and someone brought over an icee for the kids... Just because they were so cute :)
Love this!  Kennedy said "I look like a blue weirdo in that!"

The pageant was lovely, and was Kennedy's first time.  Kristine stayed home with a sick doggie, and Dad and Kennedy drove with us.  The next day (Saturday) we went to the new mall in SLC the City Creek Mall... it was lovely... and apparently I took no pics.  But my favorite stop was the Disney Store!  So precious.  My kids loved it, and it made me super excited to go to Disneyland and/or World.  
trampoline with a sprinkler!  classic.... summer fun.  It was such a hot day, perfect!

We went back to Lagoon on Monday.. we spent a few hours at Lagoon-a-Beach... which was lovely... this was also a HOT HOT day.  Perfect for that cool water.  My kids LOVED the volcano slide, once they figured out what it was about. Cash didn't want to swim for very long once we started... he was freezing his little buns off.  He layed on the hot sidewalk...

I had my camera with me (the waterproof one..) but of course it was out of batteries... hate that.  But once it got a smidge warmer, and they figured out all of the slides, he had a great time.

Pres loved it from the second we got there... she just ran around crazy, and went down the slides over and over.  She loved it. She was fun to watch.

Waiting for the bat.  Cash's favorite ride... probably because he is actually big enough to ride it :)

Loved that he picked a ladybug... He is so funny :)

Grampa riding with Pres! Cash didn't want to ride with her... so he took care of her :)

Riding on the last ride of the day: Dracula's Castle.  Cash called it Drack-lee-a's castle :) -- He loves this ride, and hates it... totally freaks him out. When we got off Presley said "That was awesome, I wanna go again!" So Coleman took her again... Cash didn't really want to go again, but it was his last opportunity to ride... so he did :)

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Becka said...

How cute! yay Manti temple is so beautiful don't you think? I love it!