Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lately (long freaking post. FYI)

We have been up to quite a bit lately... for starters, last weekend we went to Downata with Dad, Kristine, Sarah, Kris, and the kiddos.  Coleman was gone for 2 weeks for the National Guard playing fireman so he didn't get to come...  He was in Washington State at a Fire Academy, long hours, lots of hard labor.  It's a tough gig, but the man loves it...  This was him:

This was us:


Rhino Ride:


I didn't bring my regular camera, so I have 0 pics of us swimming.  Oh well.  I know Sarah got some at least...  But I was super surprised to see my kiddlets being so independent in the pool.  Presley has been pretty clingy to me when swimming, and she is getting better.

The second we walked into the pool area, the first thing we did was go down the big green tube slide... Cash took off with Kennedy, and they went down it like Pros... Presley took a smidge of coaxing.  Well she wanted to do it, but when we got up to the top she was changing her mind rather fast.  :)  .  So... I sent her down before giving her too much time to reconsider.  They have life jackets that are floaties, with a band of foam/whatever floatation material, that helps them to stay afloat.  I guess at some point in the slide she kind of ended up on her side, because she wasn't sitting upright when she came out of the tube... Uncle Kris caught her at the end; she was good.  She didn't want to do it again, ever.  But she does keep talking about it.  She even told me today that the slide was fun.  So at least if she has happy memories about it she will hopefully be okay, and I didn't scar her for life.   :)

Koop and Kennedy the first day in the pool spent a lot of time diving for torpedos and stuff in the 3-4 foot deep water... Cash took the torpedos and "dove" for them in the 1-2 foot deep :) -- He was just warming up... After watching the other kids do it all day the first day, he wanted to do it on day 2... He took off his floatie, and started swimming around with out it.  Cash was actually swimming under water decently long distances ALONE.  The boy could SWIM!  I am the proudest momma alive.  He then decided to start diving for torpedos in the deeper-ish water.  I think he sees the older kids doing stuff, and he is not about to be left behind.  He is so much like me this way.  Brave.  He loves life, and I love him for it.
They spent a lot of time on this slide as well.  A little weak after the big green one, but they enjoy it none-the-less. 
Coleman is working on getting a new job.  He GRADUATED in APRIL! 

We are SO super duper PROUD of him.  Holy crap.  These last few years of, ...ahem... hell, feel like they are finally coming to an end.  I am amazed by how much work it was, and amazed that we did it together... amazed that we survived, especially with our 2 kids. 

Cash also graduated:

Love his Sassy personality!  He loved his teacher "Miss Jaime" and he has learned SO much from her. 

For 2 weeks all we heard was about his graduation...  :)  He watched Mom Graduate last year, and Dad a couple months before... so he was pretty excited about the whole experience. 

He has also recently learned that he is in LOVE with Nintendo Wii as well, so he has probably undone every ounce of learning he did in preschool playing it.  Oh well, it is the perfect currency when he is being naughty, and I need something to help him see the error of his ways.  It helps him listen to me, he gets his jammies on in ultra-lightning speed now, just so he can play for 10 minutes before bed.  Little turkey butt. 

Photo: Cash first t-ball game!He's been playing T-Ball this summer as well.  He is pretty into it, and is probably the cutest one on the field.  But I might be a little biased. In this pic he is waiting to run hom from third, and boy oh boy, did he make it.  :)  -- I love watching his games... the last game he was twirling around on third base... He needed a few reminders to keep his eye on the ball.  Overall he does really good, and I love to see him growing, and learning new things. 
Catcher ... This pic was right after he took a ball to the eye.  He was less than excited about that, and toughed it out on the field.  Cute little bug. 
Presley is doing so well also.  The girl is going to be three soon, and she has been potty trained for the last little while.  It is weird to have 2 out of diapers.  And by weird I mean AWESOME and AMAZING!  ha.  She is speaking so well, and can be so sassy when it comes to defending herself with her big brother.  Her hair is finally coming in, and I can get two little piggies in the back. She is so cute, and everywhere we go people tell me that.  :)
She still hearts Rapunzel:
We broke out the costume early (it's for her birthday) so she could wear it to the pirates and princesses party they had a chik-fil-a.  (free kids meals for kids that participated...SUHWEET!)  She wants to wear it all the time, so I have to remind her it is for her birthday.  Poor little Chicky.   

She is a great little eater, and talks all the time about when she gets big.  She is too cute for words, and honestly, she is SO sweet most of the time.  She listens to me, for the most part... She is learning to clean up after herself, and help keep the toys picked up, etc.  She is an angel, more often than not.  She still naps almost daily, but she either sleeps wherever she is (on a chair, lovesac, stairs, etc.) or she will go tuck herself in bed.  I adore her so much, and she sure brightens my life so much.  She is feeling more like a kid, and less like a baby all the time.  Which I feel so mixed about.  I love watching them grow, but I enjoy every stage, and miss it. 
We had a great Easter. The kids were spoiled, and got way too much stuff:
We have also been:
Trampoline Sleeping
Photo: Trampoline sleep over with daddy!
Eating out -- unfortunately, we do this WAY too much... and we're gonna have to slow it down

Flagged our yard:

Four wheeled.  We bought this little ditty a while back. Kids sure do love it:

Daddy's Home!
Stampede Days Parade:
Livi was in it this year.  Love her!
Cash assisting his baby sister out of a tantrum in the middle of the store.  He walked in, took her hand and helped her up and walked her out.  Love him.

Cash's Valentine bag for school.  Our family portrait.  Love that we are holding hands.  I love this child so much!

We have been up to all sorts of fun stuff... I should blog more so I don't have to catch up so much :)

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Definitely agree with that last line! We miss you! I can't believe how grown up those kids are! Cash, graduated! Presley, potty-trained! Good grief! We need to plan a get-together... a super fun one. I work Th/Fri. what's your schedule like?