Wednesday, June 20, 2012



"Sarah accidentally stuck her cell phone in the washer last night. So she is bringing the kids over." - Me
"Oh. Did Sarah die?" - Cash
"Uh, NO, why would you think that?" - Me 
"Because she accidentally stuck herself in the washer." - Cash

Eating a popsicle: "Mom, my lips feel like they are gone." - Cash

‎"Mom, I wanna go to Sam's Club and get a swingset."
"Oh, Pres, Probably not today."
"UH! .... Why? .... Mom, you love me so bad!"



"Cash, it's windy today." - Coleman
"Yeah, since it's Father's Day we should go to the dollar store and get me a kite!" - Cash



I'm in love with you, mom. I will never forget you. - Cash



"It's Memorial Day, Cash, that's why all those flags are out. On Memorial day we think about people that have already died."

"You know what, i'm thinking about the dinosaurs at the dinosaur park. Because they have all died."



"Mom, if you don't fight with dad, then you get a popsicle!" - Cash



"No, Cash, no chocolate milk this morning."

"But mom, you're cracking my heart in half!"



"Were you lying to me?" - Mom
"No mom, I just forgot how I got out of the backyard." - Cash
"You didn't forget, don't lie buddy, just tell me the truth."
"But Mom, I was losing my MIND!" - Cash

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