Wednesday, June 20, 2012

22 weeks 5 days

I feel good about the fact that I am more than halfway through this pregnancy, and haven't posted a SINGLE thing about the fetus in my belly.  Don't even worry, It's not because I don't love the baby.  It's because I suck at life.  :)  Maybe also because it's my third?  Which I also feel kinda weird about.

I got a positive test with this kiddo a whole week before I should have.  I was super excited, I had been feeling for a few months that it was time to have another baby.  I also have been feeling like I can't handle having another baby yet.  I am not ready.  AAAHHH!  I think because I realize how much responsibility it is... But it is for sure the BEST job I have ever had.  I can't wait to meet this sweet little kiddo, and hold and love it.  

Notice I keep referring to the fetus as "it". 

Well, they have peeked 3 times trying to see what gender this baby is... The first (at 16 weeks) there was no seeing... crossed legs, bad angle, etc.  the second was when I was almost 18 weeks, legs crossed, a hand down between the legs, covering up the goods. Nothing.  They thought it looked like a boy.  The 3rd time (at almost 21 weeks) 2 hands, crossed legs, bad angle, etc.  They thought girl from what little they could kind of see.  

Whatever, I give up. 
Cute little turkey -- this pic looks like Daddy to me. 

Now we are just going to wait until delivery to find out gender.  Something I don't mind doing because we already have 1 of each, so it doesn't really matter.  I have girl and boy crib sets, I have diapers, creams, stuff... I dug out all of the newborn clothing for boys and girls (which is summer stuff) and I am going to use what I can, and buy some long sleeve onesies to stick under some of those clothes.  I am going buy 1 super cute newborn outfit for each gender, to take to the hospital.  Easy.  I am loving this idea, more and more.  :)  

I slept a lot in the beginning.  That has been the exact same with each of my babies!  The problem this time is when you check out for 2-3 hours, sleeping, you sure can wake up to some impressively wicked messes.  2 kids.  House murdered. 

My kids are convinced this infant is going to be a girl.  They talk about it all the time.  If I say "maybe it's a boy, we don't know."  They both tell me that I am wrong and it's a girl.  Cash wants to name said girl Mary Poppins.  Boy name Captain Jack Sparrow.  Presley wants to name a girl Rapunzel or cinderella.  And if it's a boy: Cinderella.  Perfect.  Love her.

Coleman's mom bought some onesies after the ultrasound that looked like a boy, that were long sleeved and, oddly enough, boyish.  Cash said "Hey mom! Grandma bought some stuff for our baby!  But it's for a boy.  She thinks it's a boy."  I laughed.  I laugh at him all the time. He is just too irresistibly hilarious!  Love him.

I was sick in the beginning, it started a couple days before I was 6 weeks, and I threw up quite a few times with this kid.  Well, several times a week. Not too bad, based on others I know, but for me it sucked.  I was so reminded of my pregnancy with Cash and how I was sick, I craved pickles and mustard, and tomato foods (salsa, ketchup, etc.) like I did with Cash.  I finally got over the sickness by about 16-17 weeks.  With Cash I was closer to 14 weeks when it stopped.  I have felt like this baby has to be a boy. Not that I care.  Just too many similarities... So that last ultrasound kinda threw me.  We'll see what happens.  But we are excited!  

Happy about this new baby, and feeling the movement in my belly, my favorite thing about being pregnant.  Truly the only thing I LOVE about pregnancy.  I am SO looking forward to Delivery!  My favorite day of all! 

P.S. I am only nervous because I am a nurse now, and there is such a thing as the nurse curse.  :)  
Bad things happen to nurses, ha!

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