Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas - 2011

Christmas Eve we spent at Sarah's, making sugar cookies for Santa. We let the kids frost them, an activity they enjoyed, but mostly they were excited to eat some.

Then we opened our Christmas pajamas -- my kids each got a book also this year. That was kind of fun.

Kooper was super sick, Gabi was super ready for bed... it was a big day.

Thankfully both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. It was kind of nice! When we got home we made them a bed on the floor in our bedroom, that way they wouldn't wake up before us and see all that Santa brought before we did...

Christmas was on a Sunday this year. I always like that, it helps to drive home the meaning of Christmas when you get to go to church on Christmas day. It also helps that church is only 1 hour long, not 3 hours. Just sayin' :) My kids were super naughty at church, but so were Coleman and I. After waking up early to play with so many new toys, it was hard to settle down...

(Pure Joy)
My kids were spoiled rotten, between Santa and everyone else...

We woke up at our own house that morning.

Then after church we went to Coleman's parents... Where Coleman got the surprise of his life! A gun safe. He was super excited! Big HUGE smile. I will never forget it.

My kids were spoiled rotten here as well (and so were Coleman and I) -- Pres LOVED this Rapunzel wig. Grandma gave her what she has always wanted. HAIR!

These are my kids Christmas outfits... Mimi and grandma Yoda made them for my Mom's temple day on December 15th. They are absolutely adorable, and Pres got a lot of good comments at church. The dress is incredible.

Then we spent the rest of the day at Mom and Blake's! Even Mimi got to try on the Rapunzel wig... :) We cooked and had a lovely family night together... it was wonderful.

Cute mom... and Blake's sweater totally looks like a sock monkey. :)

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