Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hawaii - Part 2

Beautiful Sunday morning (August 28th, 2011)

Highway 3 Driving to Pearl Harbor

Battleship Missouri to the left, Arizona memorial on the right
Part of the gunner that is still left

USS Arizona Memorial
Museum of the attack on Pearl Harbor
On the USS Bowfin, it's a submarine that is no longer used, a floating museum in Pearl Harbor. :) It was pretty cool, crazy to think people lived in those conditions for long periods of time...
Steering the sub
sleeping conditions
Toilet on the right, shower on the left
More beds for sleeping, amongst the missles-- wouldn't be the most comforting place to sleep.
The bridge to Ford Island on the right
Arizona memorial in the background
Birds of Paradise - crazy awesome flower :)
One of the 4 anchors of the U.S.S Arizona...

Cruising to Waikiki Beach

Duke's Waikiki - Fantastic restaurant, mostly because of the location... we were right on the beach, and we could see Diamond Head. The food was good. $15 each for an all you can eat buffet. (we missed the breakfast one, so we ate lunch...)

The birds got a little meal as well...

Waikiki Beach, and Diamond Head

Duke Festival was going on while we were there, they were playing surfboard polo. Kind of cool to watch
Waikiki beach from the other side
Duke statue
Iolani Palace, can you see me in this picture? :) The only palace on US soil, used to be inhabited by royalty of the hawaiian islands...
Da Kine - AKA Dog the bounty hunter
We walked Waikiki beach at sunset... something I have wanted to do with Coleman since the last time I went to Hawaii (and I called him at least 1-2 times per day...) That was in November-December of 2003.
Diamond Head

Coleman dug a hole -- not sure why.
Sunset! amazing!

My sexy hubby!

Feel like a little pie?
How about the whole bakery? $20 later we walked out, and ate to our little hearts content...

MONDAY morning!:
Kailua beach early AM... sunrise... We ate a bunch of our delectables from Lilha Bakery this morning... Delish!
Does my neck look abnormally long in this picture? :)
To the west, beautiful colors in the sky... couldn't capture the absolute beauty that morning.
Hale'iwa Joe's - Kind of expensive for what it is...

But Hale'iwa is an awesome little surfer town on the north shore.

The yummy sno cones, also in Hale'iwa!

Snorkeling at Shark's Cove... Don't worry, it's just a clever name :) -- It was beautiful and clear. There were lots of open coves, and a million fish that would just swim around you...

Here's a cove of fishies...
Fishy eggs :)

those rocks hurt like a son-of-a-gun... They seriously poked almost all the way through my shoe... They are SO sharp!

The last photo our camera took... We ran to Sam's the next morning to buy a new waterproof one, as we were going to the PCC the next day :)
Ted's bakery! Chocolate haupia pie! (Haupia is a coconut...) This pie is fantastic, and famous
Drinking straight from the coconut-- Coleman didn't really like it :)

China man's hat

This night we went back to Kailua (where we stayed), and ate at Pepper's place in Kailua. Yummy :)

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