Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hawaii! - Part 1 :)

We went to Hawaii the last week in August... It was way too short! We spent 7 days on Oahu, and flew home at 1030 at night the last night. It was to congratulate your's truly on graduating from Nursing school!! It was beautiful and fantastic! :) I think even Coleman liked it, and he's not always one that wants to travel... "Money is better spent on a gun." Direct quote. :)

Day 1:
Long airplane ride... well 1.5 hours to Phoenix Arizona, then 6 over to Honolulu...
When we flew in, it was about 5:30 pm Hawaii time, we stayed in Kailua, so we went pretty much straight there, but we did stop at the Pali lookout on the way, because it's incredible! :) Super windy, and cloudy, but still beautiful! This pic SUPER doesn't do it justice... You can see a massive spread of a good portion of the island, and the ocean, and it smells FANTASTIC! Love it here...

We checked into our place, then went and got some food...
(Milk is a little pricy... :)

It was dark by then so we went to bed (it's a 4 hour difference, so we were flippin tired by then, it was after 1 AM our time)

Day 2: We got up and did EVERYTHING this day... :) We started out at Hanauma Bay, snorkeling...

Our wicked cool jeep! :) Poor thing was rained in a couple times... but no big deal! It's a rental, right?

We drove a lot this day.... we were seeing the sights... Sowelooped around some of that south end of the island, then we went up the eastcoast,

until we ended up in Kaneohe Bay... we ended up on the wrong highway, and back into Honolulu before we knew it... Where we ran into this little ditty:

While back on this side of the island... we went to Punchbowl and drove Tantalus:


Then we went to Dole Pineapple plantation:
Then drove the North Shore, stopping to snorkel a bit... :

We passed through Laie on our way back to Kailua... This is where the temple is... Beautiful area! Last time we stayed in Laie for a couple nights... It is beautiful

To be continued... man i remember now why i never blog... it takes FOREVER! :)

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