Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hawaii - Part 3

TUESDAY! Morning sunrise from Kailua beach, again. We went snorkeling for turtles, but it was a little too rough and the visibility was crappy. So we didn't stay for long... we went back and got ready, ran to Sam's to buy a new camera, since ours crapped out the night before, and then we drove to Laie, and saw Laie point. Another place with an incredible view. Then spent the rest of the day at the Polynesian Cultural Center:
Laie Point
Pristine clear blue water... just gorgeous!
The PCC!
Making fire with sticks. In Samoa
The Canoe Parade - the people on them dance and sing according to their native islands traditions.

Us in Tahiti!
Sweet tats! These came from the islands of Tonga. :)

LUAU! LOVE these drinks... they are by far my favorite.

Ha! Breath of Life show, at the PCC

WEDNESDAY! We slept in this morning... we were SO tired! It's been a long trip -- started really missing my kiddos. I was looking forward to going home to see them:
Swap meets
Poky banana... love it :) Delish!

Hiking in, i wish these pictures could do it justice...


one of two creeks you cross

Hiking in, a long way up, then a long way down! (took about 45 minutes each way) but beautiful! Jungle-y and well worth it :)

Maunawili Falls!

Swimming in a waterfall!

Little fishies sucking on our toes :)
Upper falls
Upper falls
My war wound from cliff jumping at the falls... i kind of slipped down some of the rock... freakin hurt!
Good thing my dad sent us with some Athletic tape, made it bearable for the last day, and several days after we went home.
Beautiful hike! loved it...

Dinner at Violet's Bar and Grill - Japanese food... :)
Pu'u Ualaka'a State Park - beautiful view

Beautiful sunrise
Marina 4 -- Beautiful! This is one of my favorite pictures I took on this trip

The boat trip, this was a highlight of the trip

Jumping off the boat
Dolphins - We freakin swam with real dolphins! This was pretty incredible... :)
Baby dolphins
reef fishies

Fish feeding -- extra $5 :)

The Black Pearl - here for the opening of Aulani, the new Disney Resort in Ko'Olina
Featured on Man VS. Food - Authentic hawaiian food, super yummy!

The ribs are hanging behind us
McD's Haupia pies... we ate a few of these... daily :)

Thursday night at 10:30 we left Oahu. We had a fantastic time! Brought home our leis from the PCC, Cash and Pres thought they were cool, but not as cool as I think they are :) LOVE this place. Can't wait to go back and take the kiddos... they will love it, hopefully as much as I do

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