Saturday, April 17, 2010


Oh how i have neglected everything! I just try to not let the neglected be my kids, and my homework. :)

I lost my camera... last time i had it was when we pierced Presley's ears on Dec 30th (and how cute her earrings are!)... and i have not seen it since. Of course i had not taken my Christmas pictures off of it yet... so i am ready to throw up about losing all of those. We had some good ones... i still hope and pray that it surfaces, but we did buy a new camera finally like 2 weeks ago.. so i will have to get some updated pics of my kids on here. They are getting so BIG!

Pres is growing up so much... she is rolling over everywhere, gets up on her hands and knees, and pushes up to sitting. She is SO CLOSE to crawling, she will be within a week or so, i bet. (I have been saying this for a week or so, i bet!) she is a sweet tempered little girl, so happy, and BIG smiles all the time. She says mama, (mostly when she is upset, she whines it at me) she says dada, and she waves and says "buh, buh, buh" She waves to say hello too. and she will clap when you say "YAY!" She is just gorgeous...

My Cashie is getting SO big! He is suddenly growing out of all of his clothes... AGAIN! he will be three soon, and is so smart.... but seems to be trying my patience more and more. what do ya do with that? He is so busy, and it is amazing how much he can get into in a short period of time. But oh how much i love him... When he sees me upset, he will come over and hug me and say "it's okay mom, Cashie's here..." I couldn't go through life without this boy. :)

We had finals last week, and school went well. I ended out with a 3.58, and i am happy with that. It was a HECK of a semester.... The end got crazy... i picked up a letter for the NURSING department in March, and found out i was ACCEPTED!!!

So... i had to pull my B- in Chemistry back up to a B i order to be able to stay in the program... I had 2 tests left in that class.. and I got 100% on the second to last one! It was a big deal, considering my average to that point was a 78. I was able to pull the B... so i am starting the program on MONDAY!!! SO Scary. I spent the end of last semester so stressed about chemistry that i couldn't even enjoy the idea of being in the program. And now that i am in... i am ready to throw-up and drop out! I am scared... and I already miss my kids.


ANGELA and CHAD said...

Yahoooo! Ash I'm so excited for you! That is wonderful! It must seem like such a relief after all of your hard work and sacrifice to have it end so well! CONGRATULATIONS!!

ANGELA and CHAD said...

oh, and good luck with chemistry :)

Maquel said...

Congrats on getting accepted. That's so exciting!

Laura said...

Congratulations, Ashley! You're amazing.