Sunday, December 20, 2009


  • Finals... DONE! I have survived an entire Semester! wahoo! (yes for me this is an accomplishment! :) and i actually did good too... I think i have 3 A's, and not sure about the fourth class... but B+ or A- probably)
  • Christmas Shopping... DONE! Yay! now i can just enjoy this next week, and hopefully all of our gifts that i ordered arrive on time...
  • Potty training... or should i say potty trained! DONE! haha... This is the best present that boy could give me this year! He worked on it for a while... until he knew what to do, but just wouldn't commit. It's apparently really inconvenient while playing to stop to go potty. When i started getting frusterated, i just put him back in diapers... for 2 months. Less frustration for me, so at least i knew what to expect. Kooper came over 2 weeks ago and Cash saw him tell me he had to go, and then he went potty like a big boy, and that was it! Thanks Koop! He's had a couple accidents. but he ususally runs up to me screaming "HELP! HELP ME! I gotta go potty, mama!" He waits until the bitter end. He's such a great kid...
  • We kind of kicked the sippy cup too... We forgot it when we went to UT for Thanksgiving... and he drank out of big boy cups for a few days... and then when we got home i noticed how much more hungry he has been. So he has been actually eating now. So we haven't gone back to the sippy.... done and gone!
  • Presley is eating solids, and loving it! She ate them first on thanksgiving... and has been loving to try new things. She tasted sprite for the first time the other day... haha! poor baby... but i love the sour look on her face, when she tries something new!
  • Christmas! I am so excited this year... Cashie is starting to get it. Santa Claus, Presents, the whole bit. Everytime we get a box in the mail he says "Ooohh Presents!" And when he sees lights he says "ya see that christmas?" he also says this anytime we see trees/decor/santa while out shopping
  • I have lost 5-6 pounds since i started exercising, but the holidays have thrown a wrench into my whole plan. It is so hard to make the time... but come new years i will be better.. hopefully..

That's it for us! :)


ANGELA and CHAD said...

What a newsy post, I love it! And Congrats on the pounds... that's gotta feel so good! And good job in school! Did you enjoy it? Are you registering again? I can't believe you did that, maintained such good grades, all while being a mommy, working and POTTY-TRAINING! You are one tough girl!

Pete n Desi Worle said...

Ash you family is so cute!