Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wish for a Pish

Oh pish... he dedicated his life to my little cassius! He hit the swirling tomb on the 10th... just 1 week after joining our family. Cole and i tried to explain life's natural course to cash... but all cash could say in his grief was "Pish! Pish!" and Cole would say "yeah, dead pish!" while i tried to take a less harsh approach... and tried to explain that pish was now in heaven with his family. He is in a better place and we all should be grateful to have been able to enjoy him this last 6 weeks, 14 hours and 38 minutes.

So we went back to the pet store (because they have a 2 week return policy!) and picked out our new little betta...Pish the second! we went to albertson's grabbed some groceries and came back out to the car... and had to have a second ceremony for our beloved family member. He met a quick demise, and although he wasn't with us long he will be missed!

Which brings me to my point.... Pish the third has seemed more healthy. A bit transparent, and not as pretty as the other two, but healthy none-the-less. I just pray for cash's sake that we get to keep this pish for a while!

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Mike and Nikki said...

sorry with the bad luck with the pish! Poor Cassius. I have had some bad luck with betas too. One of them loved to play dead and always was close to the surface half floating, but was very much alive. Until my sister and her hubby watched him. Then, he got flushed that weekend, they of course thought he was dead.