Monday, September 29, 2008

TEXAS! Finally!

So...Cash and I drove to Utah on Wednesday night, and my dad drove us to the airport Thursday, then helped me through ticketing, and security, and got me onto the plane! I couldn't have done it by myself! Thanks Dad!!!

We got on the first plane and everyone just kept piling onto that sucker! I was afraid for whoever sat next to us. Or nervous. But no one ever did! We started taxiing out to the runway, when i realized no one will be sitting in this seat! So i sat with cash and we looked out the window, he did incredibly well. It's so hard for someone of his stature to sit still for 2 and a half hours!

We got to the airport in Dallas/Fort Worth, and i had just under an hour to get from one end to the other... It's a HUGE airport, and i had all my bags. All i checked was cash's car seat. So I had this incredibly amazing lady help me with my bags, she said that she had a long layover, and that she could talk me to my gate before she went to find hers. SO awesome! she knew the airport better than i, although i would have done just fine.

while sitting waiting i realized that we are going to see Coleman! I don't know why it hit me just then, but it did. then my airplane that was supposed too leave at 4:35 (to arrive in San Angelo at 5:35) was delayed... then finally people came out of the gate, so we knew oour plane was there. we ended up leaving at about 5:00, and touched down in San Angelo at 5:35, still! it was a short flight, but not bad. The guy we sat next to was in the military heading to Goodfellow, just like me! and he was adorable with Cash, and helped me entertain him.

When my plane finally got here, I was the last to get off. I came down an escalator, and around the corner and there was Coleman!! Oh man, he looked so different to me. familiar but different. He's definitley tanner! Cash saw him and SCREAMED! and then goes "DADA!!" I wish i had it on tape! It was SO dang cute! He KNEW him. After all this time! Crazy!

We picked up his car seat, and left the airport, and went to meet all of his friends at the olive garden here. Terrible decision. We got there at 6:30, and we didn't get our food until after 8. It was rediculous. It took 20 minutes for Cash to get his Juice we ordered.

Friday Coleman had to go to School, but Saturday Coleman ran a 10K Race the "armydillo"! We went over to Mrs. Hatties, an old Bordello (hooker house) and took a tour. That's about all there is in San Angelo. Seriously. There are a few good resteraunts. But it's not really "touristy" if you know what i mean. There are some super cool old buildings down-town. Miss Hatties building was built in the 1850's. The fourth Hilton ever built is in San Angelo too.

Anyway, Coleman had to be in class all day today, so tonight we are going to go to Texas Roadhouse! I'll let you know if it is any better in Texas! haha!


Mike, Sha, & Kenna said...

How exciting!! Glad you made it safely and that you finally get to see your husband! Yeah!

Mike and Nikki said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you guys are together at last! What a long wait!

Ali said...

Fun- Fun!! So Glad you guys are all together again!

S.L.D said...

YEAH! I am so happy for you! He's finally home! That is so cute that little Cassius knew his daddy. What a sweetie. I bet you are so excited to finally have your hubby home.