Monday, September 22, 2008

Someone Please speed up the Clock!!!

Ok, so i guess it has been going a bit quicker this last 10 days... but the 2 weeks before that were AWFULLY Slow! I am so ready to get down to texas! I am just trying to be patient and watch the minutes roll on. Everytime I open the computer Cash says "dada?" expecting to be able to talk to him. It will be so nice to put a person back with a face on a computer screen again. Cash definitely still remembers him though. I don't think it will take him long to adjust back to having Daddy around.

I have been packed to go since Tuesday last week! haha! mostly packed anyway, all the main stuff. Make-up and straightener will go in at the last minute.

this is also why i haven't been blogging... because this is all i have to talk about! SO sorry everyone.

I am not doing too much. Cash and I went to Spud day in Shelley on Saturday, with Coleman's fam. It was fun. We pretty much just pigged out.

We have been doing a bit of jogging, and bike riding. We went on a bike ride with Angela, and baby Jaedyn the other day, and that was fun. That jogger/trailer was well worth the money, I have put tons of miles on that sucker this summer!

Oh and Cash's Rash is still here! I think he has a true milk allergy. It definitley improves when there is no dairy kickin around in his little body. So... he is leading a cheeseless, yogurtless, sour creamless, butterless, milkless life. We have more orange juice now to help replace the calcium, and i need to get him a multi-vitamin. Maybe the gummy bear kind?!? what do kids like to take?

I am also going to be putting in an order for Scentsy by Thursday, so if anyone wants/needs anything let me know! to checkout product go to but if i put it in with my order you won't have to pay for shipping...

Went shopping with sarah today. I haven't been to the mall in over 2 months! I have been doing more house stuff lately. It's more fun anyway!

Sorry my life is so lame!

My next post will probably be in Texas... so don't expect too much out of me until then. I am antsy to go!


Samantha said...

I face the same problems sometimes too. What I did is to run my computer through a computer check up and it was all fixed. If you are interested you can do the same at Apparantly they provide alot of free tools to help in speeding up the computer.

Mike and Nikki said...

Ashley -
I'm so excited for you! I hope that the time will go by faster for you.

ANGELA and CHAD said...

Yay! The countdown is complete! Have so much fun you guys! We'll see you when you get back! And don't forget about our thurs bike ride Ash, I'm counting on you to kick my butt in shape!!