Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Texas / Fire School Stuff / Graduation

This is just the very end of the bay of fire trucks, it is HUGE! Tons of trucks, it was impressive. the doors below the flags lead to class rooms and stuff

Outside the bay they do controled burns, and run drills, so they can train the fire fighters in "real" fires.

Graduation! YAY!

talking to the guys before graduation

This is Miss Hattie's Bordello!

The old buildings, and boardwalk were kind of cool in San Angelo.

"Cactus Hotel" the fourth Hilton ever built (the taller yellowish building in the back!) It's not functioning anymore, but the lobby is way awesome, and they use it for weddings.

The Commissary (on base grocery store) and BX (Base Exchange) like a wal-mart or something, clothes, household items, cds, playstations, shoes, a little bit of everything. They even carry a little estee lauder, clinique, and bath and body works! AND Dooney and Bourke, and Coach bags!

We had a good time in Texas but we are so glad to be home! It was in the upper 80's mid 90's (temperature) when we were there! We left Texas at 2:30 on Wednesday and drove until 2:30 AM and made it to Farmington New Mexico! we slept in a Lovely travelodge for 4 hours (no showers... who knows what was growing in there!) and then got back on the road. Cash did really well. He is such a good boy!

We drove through Moab, and Provo, and stayed in Utah for a couple days. We hoped to go to Lagoon, but due to Rediculous amounts of rain we didn't make it! bummer!

We came home on Saturday and it has been nice to be home. Cash cries everytime Coleman leaves his sight! Poor kid. He is a bit scarred from this whole thing! It is good to be home!

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