Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Cash's Rash -- Dermatographic urticaria --

Oh Cash... My poor little baby cash.... He is not very comfortable as of late. He gets itchy (usually morning) when the medicine wears off, and nearly scratches himself to death. It is awful. He threw up milk again the other night, so i bought him some Soy milk... and he threw that up last night.... ALL OVER ME! yucky! i smelled like Vanilla! haha! Anyway, so i think he is intolerant to both types of milk....

He has a doctor appointment tomorrow, to see his Pediatrician...

Angela (P.A. @ LWHC) told me that her uncle that is a dermatologist said that it is most likely related to some kind of outside source (IE: Food allergy...etc.) SO since i think it is milk, i need to take him off of that for a couple weeks, keep him on antihistamines, that i can't O.D. him on them, so don't be afraid to give him double or triple doses (the dose on the bottle of the zyrtec i have is for seasonal allergies... not a nasty rash...) Just to keep him comfortable, and not breaking out in hives! He said that there isn't anything that says babies need to be on milk, so he will be fine without for a while (who knew!?!?) So i am doing it. He hasn't had milk for 2 days, and soy for 24 hours, so i am done with both for a while.

So if anyone needs 3/4 of a gallon of whole milk, or 3/4 of a half gallon of Vanilla flavored soy milk... let me know! I'm sure i wont be drinking it!!!

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Mike and Nikki said...

Aw, I'm sure it is the worst to have your baby sick. I hope taking him off the milk will help!