Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New House!

My fetching awesome sister came over today and got me all motivated to fix my yard! this house didn't have anyone living in it for several years before we bought it...and no one has really taken care of anything in probably 10 before we moved in! we weeded the front, i cut down a bush, trimmed my trees, and got a fun wreath and flower plants! I didn't take real before shots. I was going to, but forgot... :) until it was most of the way done...

Anyway, try to ignore the adorable blurry baby, and check out the "flowers" that have been growing out of control for too many years now!

Also ignore these funny kids crawling through the sprinkler, the bush to the left of them is now gone!

Here are some "after" shots:

Weeds and Flowers are all gone!!!
New wreath!!
Flowers, and door mat!
Thanks Sarah!!! You helped me SO much today... Someday i will repay you! when your house is done! :)


NancyT said...

Good job! We had to do that with our old house. We worked our tails off and it was awesome. The sad thing is, when we drive by our old house. The people that bought it let it go to pot. So sad, all of our hard work. BTW- where did you get your wreath. It is stinking cute.

Mike and Nikki said...

That looks so good. What a cute house you have!!! I have neglected the yard this year. I can't wait til my thumb magically changes from black to green. My sister came and helped me re-do my bedroom in April. It seriously changed my life to have something look so new & nice. Nice job!