Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little Bug Party!

We celebrated Cash's Birthday today! Here he is Eating a sucker....occasionally backwards!

I have spent the last 2 days doing nothing but baking and stuff... cookies that were nasty so i didn't bring them! but i did use them to decorate the mud pie's you can also see in this picture (blue pail, and yellow pail) .... and this fabulous caterpillar cake! It didn't stay standing very long... but cute while it lasted! :)
Sarah cutting up watermelon.
Cash loves to have poeple sing to him! Happy birthday seemed to be especially fun! :)
He got some seriously sweet presents!
Then we went swimming at Ross Park in Pocatello. He was okay with being held up, but he just wanted to crawl around in the water and be independant. After a while he just sat and splashed for like 15 minutes in one spot!

Then he crawled up on my lap and cuddled with me. It was a big day and he fell asleep!
Then i saw this on Sarah's camera! haha! Nice! too bad i missed this... but she said every time he took a step his pants would drop more and more, and he didn't pull them up but every 5 steps! what the crap! I guess too big is better than too small?!?


Kris and Sarah said...

ha ha ha I'm gonna kill you for using that pic of me! I look a little crazy! That was such a fun party. You are so creative! I love the cake. It was awesome!!

Annalee Taylor said...

So fun. Sorry we couldnt make it. I wanted to go really bad. I need you to email me your address, I LOVE the cake and theme. I think I am just going to do a "swim, beach" theme for Macks, we will see! That butt crack pic is so gross, I laughed out loud! SICK PEOPLE! I hope you got to enjoy the party and not jsut stress! It all looks so cute, love the mud/flower stuff too, your amazing.