Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Birthday!

I am 23 today! Yippee! Another year has come and gone! Seems faster now that i have a baby!

Lets see.... last year, this day i had gotten home from the hospital on the 9th, and Cash didn't sleep all night. He screamed the entire night, and then my mom came upstairs at like 5 and found me bawling my eyes out....holding my child who was also bawling his eyes out. He had a tummy-ache, and my mom took him and held him in just the right way and immediately he stopped! Then i cried even harder! I remember saying "He doesn't even like me! I'm his mom, shouldn't i know how to help him?" and my mom just said "it takes experience, which i have a lot of!" Sarah came over, and i was still bawling and she just hugged me and told me to go to bed!

I woke up 4 hours later to a quiet house, and took a shower. I felt much better, and was so grateful to have a sleeping baby!

Sarah came back to the house bearing gifts and a cake... to which they all sang happy birthday to me, and made it a party. My day drastically improved! And then.... Cash decided that he didn't want to nurse anymore! He went 8 hours, and so Sarah gave him a bottle with water in it, and he was very appreciative. Boy was i glad i had purchased a seriously sweet breast pump! ha ha! Saved my life! anyway, so he would take the milk from a bottle, which frustrated me, so i had to take him back to the Lactation Lady at the hospital, and she fixed me up, and got us working again! Thanks Lactation Lady! She is the reason i was able to accomplish 11 months of breastfeeding!
Anyway, Coleman sent me a cute new camera. It's an Olympus Stylus 850. It is WATERPROOF which is super cool. He was so excited! What would i do with out him? He called me to tell me that it would be here before Cash's party, which is super thoughtful of him.
and it is Orange, which is pretty cool too! He got the orange so someday (hopefully soon) when i get a DSLR he will adopt my little orange waterproof friend. ..

Anyway, celebrities i share a birthday with (just in case you wanted to call and wish them a happy birthday too!) :


JAKE LAMOTTA - Professional boxer

the late FRED GWYNNE - i always knew i had a special connection to Herman Munster!

I have been spoiled rotten.... My sweet wii fit, and a new camera... seriously happy birthday to me!


Mike & Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Ash! You're so adorable! It was fun to read you reminiscing about last year's birthday. That's cool that you guys have close birthdays. Sweet camera, too! I hope you do something fun for yourself, you deserve it!

Womack Family said...

Happy Birthday Ashley. You're so funny. McKay and I really enjoy your humor. Thanks for the laughs. Hope you have had a fabulous day.