Monday, June 30, 2008

Working Out

Ever Seen the infomercials for hip hop abs? I see it ALL the TIME! Since all we have is the local channels, we see a lot of infomercials... anyway, everytime i see this i think... "Dang! I wish that wasn't $80 so i could try it! It would suck to spend that kind of money on something and never use it, or not like it or whatever. So i was watching the infomercial the other day thinking about how i should get up and do something.... when i had this epiphany!


DUH! i have used Amazon for tons of things....why not this?!? So i got on amazon, and they have the 4 main work-outs for $8 ($12 after shipping) SWEET deal! It has the Secrets to flat abs, Fat Burning Cardio, Ab Sculpt, and Total Body Burn....

It didn't have Hips, buns and thighs, or last minute abs. But....those are available on there too. they are around $35 for both, but that still beats buying it from beach body direct!

You also don't get the nutrition guide, or 30 day calender (which you can find online by the way) or the tape measure and that stuff... but i didn't care! I have just been wanting to try it out!

So i got it in the mail and it is not hard at all. I was surprised at how easy it was. I am sore from it though. I can feel my little muscles a burning! : )

The other exciting thing is: Coleman Called me yesterday at 7:30 AM and said that they had Wii Fit in the target advertisement... He's been wanting to get Cash and I Wii, and Wii fit for our birthdays. So he went to his target and they "didn't have any" Which i bet means the employees bought them... They are hardcore to find! They are going for like $160-$175 on ebay and cost $90.

So i got up and went to our Target...i walked back to the Elctronics, and was like "do you guys have any of the wii fits? And they were like "umm..yeah they are over on that end-cap" "Seriously? no one ever has them!" So i walked over and they had four of them, so i grabbed 3 and a lady walked up right then, so i let her have the fourth. I am so Generous... haha.

Anyway, i walked up to the front carrying 30 pounds of wii fits, and i went to the checkout... While the lady was checking me out someone said over her walkie-talkie "aren't we enforcing the 1 per customer rule today?" and she said "no one said anything to me." i am very grateful to the lovely target lady who bent the rules for me a bit!

SO i am super excited! I sold 2 already! haha! I was going to ebay them, but i made money on them, without the headache of ebay... And the third? Coleman is giving it to me for my birthday... So happy freakin birthday to me! : )

P.S. tried out my wii fit, and it is pretty fun! It's a lot about center of gravity. Go to to see some of the available game and stuff... its pretty cool! : )

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Mike & Nikki said...

that's so cool that you tried hip hop abs. It looks awesome!!!!