Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We went to Texas Roadhouse tonight. My whole office, for my last outing as an employee. So i guess this means i am officially booted! : ) I had a great time, and almost everyone came with their spouses. They told the waiter it was my birthday, so i got a free brownie, that i had 3 bites of because i was naughty and ate 5 rolls(literally F-I-V-E), before my dinner even got there. Fabulous rolls. What a way to pound some serious carbs! Thanks for the fun night you guys, and the great Couple of years i have had. : )


Emily said...

Oh I am so sad. ARe you going to work at another office or just stay home? You were so fun to see everytime I went into Leavitt's office when I was pregnant with Crew!

ANGELA and CHAD said...

We miss you Ash! I keep expecting to hear your laughter down the hall!!