Monday, June 30, 2008


Cash loves to help me around the house! little goofball!
unloading utensils...


Anonymous said...

Cash your getting big!!!
well im into day 4 of block 1 out of 6 the stuff ive gone over a million times then block 2/3 ive gone over before too so it should be review 4 ive kinda done its getting into firefighter 2 the certification not many people form Idaho have the hazmat which Ive already done 6 is aircraft fire and rescue I dont have a clue so It should be a breeze the next four months as long as I can remember this stuff. Oct. 1st Ill have the certs. just some 411 for ya Ash. Im 2 legite 2 quit


ANGELA and CHAD said...

those are freaking hilarious pix!