Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dental Extravaganza

So i have this uncle that is a fabulous dentist... and so i scheduled a cleaning while i was here for Tuesday. The hygienist took good care of me, and my uncle came in and said "looks great, i don't see any cavities!" i was like "you liar, i always have cavities!" and he said "nope your xrays look good. " So, i told him i have a weird spot in the front of my jaw that feels kind of strange.... so they do a Pano Xray....and i had an abscessed tooth. So i was back in yesterday for a root canal. AND if that wasn't fabulous enough, where i will be flying home, i opted to get my wisdom teeth done TODAY! Nothing quite like trying to drive home on narcotics!

Anyway, so I know what you're thinking...."you are way too old to have your wisdom teeth done!" well, when i was 17 I came up here to my amazing dentist uncle, and he told me that "it would be at least 5 years before you need to do anything with them." So here i am 5 and a half years later... I only have 3 by the way, i am missing one in the top Left side. So that was lucky!

So my darling cousins pulled out the camera, and i thought i would share a bit of my misery. And to all of you that have had this done...maybe you can fondly remember this very special day in your history.

They I.V.ed me, and put drugs in me, and i don't remember but a few snippets here and there...until i woke up from a short nap i took when i got home...which i am sure that i appreciate not remembering anything else. Anyway Thanks for the Amazing Dental Work Dr!! And thanks to my Aunt and sweetest cousins for taking care of me and my child!!


Anonymous said...

Poor Ash, I feel for you. I remember afterwards, somewhat. Ezekiel was very confused seeing you stumble and giggle. You have to admit, it's quite comical.

Annalee Taylor said...

LOL! This made my day! im sorry that you had to do all that in one swap...I have had both and they suck big time. These videos are funny...i was cracking I bleeding?
I hope you get feeling better though, watching this made me realize I need to go to the dentist...yuck

Kris and Sarah said...

ha ha ha That is so awesome!! I love that I got to see what you were really doing when you called. ha ha