Saturday, June 7, 2008


We are in Boise right now. We drove up yesterday. Coleman has Annual training here for a couple weeks and then will drive down to Texas. He will be home on OCT 1ST! Not til forever! So i will be here til next week-end, and fly home (Don't forget me sarah!) :) And that's it. We did this 2 summers ago, when Cole went to Boot Camp, but it was worse. we could only write letters. We couldn't talk on the phone much. For the first month i talked to him for 30 seconds every sunday. Military Wives know what i am talking about. But i can't complain. he hasn't had to go overseas. Yet. We'll See. It's a good thing i have Cash. or i would be REALLY lonely! :)

When i get home, I will work 2 more weeks, for Dr L. and then I'll be done. It is so funny because i have always wanted to be at home. Now though, that i get to quit, it's strange. I feel sad to leave the office, and i Totally love my it makes it hard! :) I know i won't regret it. It's what i want. But it's strange! Is there life after Leavitt's!?!?

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Kris and Sarah said...

ha ha I won't forget you!! I love you!! :) Don't be sad it will go fast... the summer, Colman will be back before you know it!