Friday, June 13, 2008

Cash has sure been talking an awful lot lately. "Mama" was his first word he said followed shortly by "dada", and the first time he said them was on Christmas eve, so he was like 5.5 months old. He has said Banana, cracker, juice, milk...all kinds of stuff. he will pretty much repeat anything you say that isn't too hard! Whenever he finds something new i say "What did you find? what is it?" so he has been saying "what is it? what is it?" about EVERYTHING!!! so i got some of the words he says on tape...he says most of them better than on this tape....but most of these are pretty typical versions....


"what is it?" "wow" "cool" "dada" "mimi" (Ashley's mom) "coke" (which he likes very much!) he gives 5's, and pounds it, and waves. he tries to blow a kiss too! those he usually makes a "muah" sound with! anyway....he's a talking fool

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Annalee Taylor said...

I cant believe how much he talks! WOw...he is a genious! Mack copies but not that well!! What program do you use to do your videos? Its way cool!