Saturday, June 14, 2008

i miss my old face

I took these as a refrence the day i got my wisdom teeth removed.

Who knew that i would ever miss my normal face?! Well this is me right now:

It's even worse when i smile...which if i look kind of pained...i am. it hasn't been too bad, but i took this when i woke up, and the ibuprofen had worn off. the night i had it done I ate KFC for heck sakes! so i am no wimp! and i haven't filled my pain meds prescription.

Plus as i mentioned i do have a fantastic dentist! so i'm sure that helps!


Annalee Taylor said...

LOL! Your so funny....and tough! Maybe you should go take some pain pills?! Enjoy it while you can!!

Maquel said...

You poor thing. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out. It is not a fun experience. Hope you don't stay swollen too long.