Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So i totally thought of another Weird thing i do!

Ok so do you remember the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials that would say "how do you eat your reese's?" And they always had people saying that they would eat them in funny ways....well one was about how "i eat the center first" and it had a round hole in the center of it.... well i became somewhat obsessed with figuring out how to do that.... well i figured it out and now i always eat them like that! Always will i'm pretty sure! : )

I ate one today (actually three to be honest) and i realized after the second one that i did it! I laughed and thought of my 7 crazy things... and figured this was fairly pertinent! So here it is!

After all these confessions i hope everyone can find a special place in their heart for me and my craziness! Have fun


the stone fam:) said...

ashley you are a nerd and i think that you should dye your hair i like your hair color but you know thats what i do!! AND I cant even believe how big cash is getting oh my gosh he is so freaking cute i just want to grab his cheecks!!

NancyT said...

Ok, I think that I figured that our when I was 5. But, i am laughing pretty dang hard because that was the highlight of your day. Way to go Ashley!