Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cash is Clapping!

Yesterday we were watching "Super Why" On public television... PBS. Cash will usually not really watch tv, but he was kicking back and really tuning into it. Towards the end of the show they accomplished what needed to be done, (as in every episode) and everyone started clapping! So Cash looked at me and started clapping too! We have been kind of working on it for a few weeks, but to have him just do it was so hilarious! I got so excited, and screamed "YEAH!!!" and clapped too, I think i kind of scared him! But all day yesterday he would just clap and clap! So last night at dinner i finally got a little video clip of it! He is so dang fun!


My Three Sons said...

He's adorable. I'm glad I finally got to meet him last week! And your husband, too, for that matter! You're right we do need to move somewhere closer!

NancyT said...

Yeah for Cash! What a big boy that he figured that out!

Kris and Sarah said...

I Love that he is clapping!! My sweet little Cash!