Tuesday, April 15, 2008

7 Things about ME!

I was tagged by Sarah and Kami.... thanks guys! :)

1- I have singlehandedly wrecked every car that i have ever owned. and some that I didn't! My mom's toyota camry i slid off the road in the winter and knocked out all the taillights on a barbed wire fence when i was 16. I got my first car the beginning of my senior year, a little toyota tercel, and one month later hit a deer with it. (yes a deer, in Rigby!) When i got married we bought a civic and 5 months later i wrecked it. 2000 dollars worth of damage...still haven't fixed it! :) But we just payed it off, so maybe now we can fix it!... Then my Element...we had had for 1 year when i drove into a "parking lot" that had cable hanging at the entrance. the cable went under the hood, but scraped and dented the fender on the passenger side. I was 7 months pregnant, and tried to blame it on that. hahaha...

2- I have hit nearly every animal known to man in my cars! especially the tercel in high school. that sucker was a magnet! A DEER, Dog, Cat, Bird, many mice, a squirrel, a Porcupine (i had quills sticking out of my tire!) and i'm pretty sure one was a platypus! i didn't know they were in menan, but i am pretty sure that's what it looked like! : )

3- I don't dye my hair. Well i have, when i was 18 i dyed the last inch fire engine red. it was cool for a while. But i don't like the up-keep, and i like my color!

4- When i was 8 ...i was really tired one night...and i slammed my left thumb in the door of my dad's car. That woke me up! I screamed, and grabbed it with my other hand, and i was bleeding everywhere! So we went up to my dad's apartment, and doctored it up. My mom took me to a Dr. a few days later when i was back with her, and i had shattered the growth plate. they said they could rebrake it and fix it, but they would have to wait 4 years. Needless to say i never did, and my thumb is half an inch shorter than the other one! It's the only bone i have ever broken.

5-When i load the dishwasher....I don't care how it is loaded...as long as there are en even amount of utensils in each holder. I start at one side, and count them in (one, one, one, one, two, two, two, two, three....) and so on. if i lose where i put the last one i count all of them and make sure they are even, or close to even. That way they all get the same amount clean. If you have 2 in one cup and 8 in another cup the 2 get way cleaner! : ) It's my bit of Obsessive Compulsive.

6- I constantly talk to myself. if i am not having a conversation with those around me, you can bet that i am thinking about a conversation i had with someone else... figuring out that thats what "i should have said!!!" If i am alone in my car i will turn the rearview and watch myself say things...to see what i look like. I am a freak.

7- My ward has a dance every year called the "spring fling", we went last year and i was 7 months pregnant. I still competed in the Limbo competition....and won! I don't know how. the people holding the bar were cheating for me I think! What can i say....

Anyway....everyone i know that blogs has already done this, or should be soon....so i guess it ends with me... :)


Kris and Sarah said...

Ha ha I love that list! good job!

Ali said...

Hey, Ashley and Coleman, I was blog link jumping around and came across your blog. Dave was just talking about you guys the other day wonderin why in the heck we never see you guys anymore and what you've been up to. Cash has grown a ton. We'll have to do something again sometime. talk to ya later. the Fosters