Thursday, April 10, 2008

Phone Pics

These are a bunch of random pictures i have on my cell phone that i love!

I found out i was pregnant like 4 days before this picture. So i was like a month along! And Blazin' tired! Kooper and i went flooring shopping with Sarah and Diane, and we took a little nap on the chair...

This is Cash in the hospital! He was so tiny! Sweetest baby!

Kooper loved Cash from the minute he was born! This was Kooper holding Cash when he was 4 days old. Look how curled up Cash's little legs are! Can't believe this is where we started just a few months ago!

This is Cash when he was 2 weeks old. He is wearing some pooh bear Jammies that Aunt Sarah gave him! They were so dang cute on him!

More Recently now, Cash loves his Daddy! Especially his toothbrush!

So Cash packs one around too! He loves his toothbrush! We're starting good habits early :)

And last but not least...It was dark so it's kind of hard to see. I got Cash one morning and fed him and he cuddled with dad, and went back to sleep! He loves his daddy!

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Kris and Sarah said...

I love these pics! You need to show me how to get them from your phone. I love the one of you and koop. Sweet little cassius!