Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cash DIGS Pickles!

Here is Cash lovin a pickle! He had his first whole pickles today! He has tasted them but since he is teething he wanted something to gnaw on....And i was tired of it being my fingers/arm/shoulder/anything he could get his mouth on! Cassius has EIGHT teeth! four on the top and four on the bottom. He got his first teeth, the bottom two (they came together) at 5 and a half months, then a month later got his top two. Then got one just to the right of the top two last month, and last weeke-end had the tooth on the left side top, and the two on both sides of his bottom middle teeth! (if that makes sense.... :) ) anyway he is too cute with all his teeth! When he laughs his teeth show and it makes me laugh! He is the best little boy!

So he must definitely be my kid cause like every kid in our family he LOVES Grandma (GGs) pickles! (GG = Great Grandma...she doesn't like that title so much.... so it's GG!)


Kris and Sarah said...

Ashley! I want some of those! They are so cute! Oh the PICKLES!

Annalee Taylor said...

I cant believe he has 8 teeth! Thats amazing! Mack still only has 2! He is so just want to kiss those cheeks!