Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ammon Fire Department

Coleman has class at the Fire Department on Thursday nights. So tonight we went and visited him at "work". He enjoys fire fighting, so it can't count as a job right? well he volunteers they don't get paid much. Cash was EXTREMELY interested in what was going on! I couldn't even get his attention for these pictures. In fact these ones he is actually looking toward the camera instead of backwards! Oh well....

As always, sorry about the dark picture! I like to take em at night apparently!

P.S. Coleman got a new full-time job! His last day at the credit union is next Thursday, and he will start with Bonneville County! Shift Work, and built in overtime...but it means a raise! YAY!

I thought at my job they weren't going to cut my hours to part time for a couple more months, and my boss asked me to go P/T last week, starting Monday... and then out of the blue one of Coleman's P/T on call jobs calls him on Monday and offers him a Full Time Job! So...apparently someone is watching out for us! I guess all of this means that, we're almost there!

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Kris and Sarah said...

Sooo cute! Does Coleman love these? Y ou did really good!