Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coleman made me dinner!

How sweet huh? Haha! i was coming home from work on Monday, and he was home that day. ( he started his new job that is shift work, so we don't work all the same day anymore) So i called him on my way home, and he said "I made dinner for the week!" i just laughed. didn't know that he was SERIOUS! so i got home to this:

Mind you this picture does not do it justice!

I got home and about died! He at first defended his decision in making this much spaghetti, but after we ate and it didn't even dent the mound, i knew we were in trouble!

So we shared with my aunts family. Luckily she hadn't made dinner yet! (They had leftovers and so did we!)

Coleman said, "i wanted to make double what you normally make so i made TWO Packages!" I was like... "yeah...i usually make half of a package at the most... "

Hahaha....just wanted to share some of the craziness that happens at my house! He's so sweet to have dinner ready for me when i got home! : ) Oh well...


Kris and Sarah said...

ha ha I'm still laughing about that!!

Rachael Havens said...

Sounds familiar. LOL. Love your blog. Your family is so cute. Babies sure grow up fast! Let me know if you mind me adding your blog to my fiends list. Thanks for all your comments.

My Three Sons said...

How awesome that he cooked for you! Hillarious that he made two packages, holy cow! That's a man for you, but again...HE COOKED! Congratulations on that!