Tuesday, April 22, 2008


OH MY! What am i going to do?!? Cash figured out how to crawl!
He has been trying and been so close for the last week, and today he's doing it like he's been at it for a month!

I loved all these videos so here they all are! Cash just figured out how to crawl tonight! Actually about an hour ago to be exact! tomorrow is my aunts birthday, (Happy birthday Cathy!) so we are having her party tonight... So that's why Kooper has a party Favor! :) he is so dang funny!

I am so excited for Cash to walk, so when Koop says "C'mon, C'mon!" and grabs your hand to drag you somewhere to play, We can send Cash!

I love this little baby, and watching him and his milestones is SO DANG FUN!


NancyT said...

Oh my, Cash is getting to be such a big boy. I can't believe that he is crawling already. Gosh, Paige didn't crawl until she was 10 months old, and then she never really perfected it!

Ali said...

Holy cow, he's a master at the crawl. He must of known what he was doing just had to wait for the perfect time to show mom. I linked to your blog hope you don't mind.

Annalee Taylor said...

I cant believe it! Mack is still not even interested. The other day he got on his knees and rocked but thats about it! Hopefully soon! I need to babyproof the place though first!

Maquel said...

It was so nice to hear from you. It sound like your little family is doing really well. Your little boy is so cute.